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Essential items from the first half of my pregnancy

By Joni Marie- mum-to-be and Editor of Little List of Mine For more than 20 weeks now I’ve been busy working, travelling, turning my new house into a home, and, most importantly, growing a tiny human.It has been a combination of excitement, nausea, tiredness and fun. Now that I am five months pregnant I wanted to share some of [...]

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Two Minutes with Meagan

Meagan Redelman, one half of Redsbaby's founding duo, gives us a sneak peek into life as a mum and company director and gives us a glimpse of what's to come for the rapidly growing business.What inspired you to start Redsbaby?My husband, Brett, and I were sitting at our favourite local café and we got talking about how similar all [...]

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Teresa Palmer's family goes Tandem

Gorgeous Teresa Palmer on her first outing with her beautiful new arrival, Forest Sage; son Bodhi Rain and husband Mark. Such a beautiful, down-to-earth and inspiring Australian mum and we couldn't be more thrilled and excited to see her using our Redsbaby JIVE Tandem.Pics and article from Daily Mail. READ HERE

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A Family Business: The Redelman Pram

The Family BusinessThe Redelman family’s expertise in the pram market dates back nearly a century when Brett’s great grandfather, Isaac Redelman, introduced the first folding pram to Australians back in 1940. “My great grandfather’s ‘Redelman Pram’ was the first patented folding baby’s pram”, says Brett. “It was beautifully crafted, stylish and practical. Well ahead of its time!”The irony is, that It was [...]

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Redsbaby JIVE: Product Review Four-Wheel Pram of the Year

To create our flagship pram, the JIVE, we took all we'd learned from our previous models and created a product that was based on the features and design elements our customers asked for the most.We're proud to be able to say that the JIVE, your creation as much as ours, has won 2016 winner of [...]

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