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A Nesting Mum's Guide To Nursery Furniture

Finding the right combination of functionality and style when you're fitting out your child's nursery can often be difficult, which is what makes our Redsbaby  Paloma furniture so special. Our Paloma nursery furniture collection will enhance any space, while being versatile enough to support the needs of a growing baby. Just check out the photo above to get a feel for the stunning Paloma nursery range!

Comfort Meets Durability

It's essential for all nesting mothers to have a well-designed, comfortable and durable cot for their new addition to sleep in. Our cots have retro styling with beveled edges, for aesthetic appeal and comfort to your child's touch. With a crisp neutral Nordic toned palette and contrasting pine trim, as well as a rail guard for your growing child, you can create the perfect modern themed nursery with our contemporary cot.

Paloma Grows With Your Child

Our Paloma cot has been designed to grow with your child. From the upper mattress position that allows you to bond with your newborn baby, to the lower mattress position which offers a safe sleeping environment as your child gets bigger, our nursery furniture supports every stage of your child's growth. The rail guard converts your Paloma cot to a toddler bed enabling them to to get in and out of bed on their own, assisting with your child's independence.

The Possibilities

You can also combine our Paloma cot as a package with our Paloma dresser, which has the innovative feature of a removable change table topper. The dresser also comes with a removable change table topper – so when you’re no longer changing nappies, you can remove the change table topper and use the drawers for years to come. Our Paloma dresser has three spacious drawers with a firm-close design, to create mild resistance when opening and closing the drawers. This effectively helps prevent your child's access. We've designed our dresser with the same retro silhouette and colour palette as our cot.

If you have any further queries about our Paloma nursery collection, or tips to help nesting mothers with fitting out their nursery, we'd love you to leave a comment. You can also view the  collection to find out more about our ordering process, and be sure to follow us on Instagram for more beautiful photos of the Paloma range!



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