Bounce Videos


Below you will find the Redsbaby Bounce (2016 Model) feature video and a range of videos that have been prepared so that you can understand the features and functionality of the Redsbaby Bounce in the same way that you would by visiting a store - all without leaving the comfort of your own home!

Our assembly and daily use videos will also assist you in assembling and using your Redsbaby Bounce when you have it delivered, so be sure to visit this page again once you’ve received your product.

Our Redsbaby Bounce (2013 Model) videos are available here.

Redsbaby Bounce – Your Favourite All-In-One Pram


 Redsbaby Bounce – Assembly Instructional Video


  Redsbaby Bounce – Daily Use Instructional Video

Redsbaby Bounce (2013 Model)

Below you will find the Redsbaby Bounce (2013 Model) feature video, and a range of how-to instructional videos.

Redsbaby Bounce – 2013 Model


1. How-To Video: Folding & Unfolding The Stroller (2013 Model)

2. How-To Video: Reclining & Reversing The Seat (2013 Model)

3. How-To Video: Attaching The Canopy (2013 Model)

4. How-To Video: Assembling The Stroller Frame (2013 Model)

5. How-To Video: Assembling The Bassinet (2013 Model)

6. How-To Video: Assembling The Seat (2013 Model)

7. How-To Video: Attaching The Rain Cover (2013 Model)

8. How-To Video: Attaching Air-Inflation Wheels (2013 Model)