How to feed your baby in a carrier

by | Jul 4, 2022

Many of you love babywearing because you can conveniently feed your baby on the go in your baby carrier.  Read on to learn how to adjust your baby carrier for easy bottle or breastfeeding on the go, featuring babywearing expert Brooke Maree. 

1. Loosen the waist straps

Loosen the waist straps on your baby carrier to allow some wiggle room for the baby to be repositioned. Making sure you are holding onto your baby with the other hand. 

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Step 1: Loosen the waist straps

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Step 2: Unfasten the shoulder strap

2. Unfasten the shoulder strap

Holding onto your baby with one hand, gentle unclip one of your shoulder straps on the preferred side you wish to feed them.

3. Angle your baby 

Move your baby slightly to the side you are feeding them on and slowly lower them to chest height, you may need to lower the belt slightly. Cradle them here, monitoring them constantly. Make sure you are always keeping one hand on your baby.

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Step 3: Angle your baby

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Step 4: Reposition your baby 

4. Reposition your baby

After you have finished feeding them, bring them back to centre, clip up the shoulder straps and tighten back up into position in their baby carrier. 

We hope this helps you feed your baby in your baby carrier, if you need any further support with feeding in your baby carrier, please reach out to our support team who will answer your questions. 

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