How to choose a pram for your newborn

by | Jun 30, 2022

Babies and infants spend lots of time in their pram, whether in a pram bassinet, a stroller seat or a car capsule. So, it is essential to choose the right one for your family.

When choosing a pram for your newborn, there are many options and several things to consider. We want to help you choose the best option for your newborn. Here are some questions you should ask yourself when deciding which pram to buy in Australia for your newborn.

1. Does it come with newborn support or a bassinet?

Redsbaby METRO Pram with bassinet

It’s essential that whilst your baby’s spine and neck muscles are developing, they are kept in the flat-lay position until they are around six months old or can sit up unaided. Our JIVE3 and METRO3 Prams come with a bassinet with large mesh ventilation panels and a breathable mattress to create a ventilated space for your newborn baby on hot days. The bassinet has a wide and deep design with a lay-flat baseboard which allows your baby to sleep in the recommended position during that developmental phase.

You can purchase a newborn support for our METRO3 Lite Stroller to provide a safe, comfortable, and supported position for your newborn. Our SKIP2 Stroller can also be used as a stroller for newborns when fully reclined and used with the  liner and Infant Head Pillow.  

2. What is my budget?

Most decisions will come down to finding the best and safest option that fits within your budget. We have prams and strollers for a wide range of budgets, from our JIVE3 Platinum at $1,099 to our METRO3 Lite at $699.


3. How will the pram be used?

SKIP² Strollers and Little Wings

When choosing a pram, you should consider your lifestyle. If you’re planning on walking a lot in the early days, a bassinet is a great option, as you’re less likely to have to move your child if they fall asleep while you’re out and about.

Another consideration is whether you would like a travel system. A travel system can be very convenient as you can secure the car capsule onto the chassis of the pram. This will allow you to transfer the baby from the car to the pram without waking them up.

Whether or not you will need a double pram later down the track will help with your decision. Our JIVE3 Prams can convert from a single to a double.


4. Can it be used parent-facing or forward-facing?

You will have your preference with how you want to position your child. All our prams have a reversible seat, meaning your child can parent-face for bonding experiences or forward-face to take in the world.


5. Do you need a pram that’s easy to lift up and downstairs?

If you have an apartment without a lift, or if you know you will want to be able to lift your pram up and down stairs whilst on the go, the weight of your pram is important. All our prams have lightweight frames providing easy lifting in and out of your car and carrying up and down stairs.




6. Can the pram be folded away compactly in car boots?

SKIP² Strollers and Little Wings

Do you have a small boot space or a small apartment where your pram will need to be folded compactly? We have ensured that all our prams and strollers can be folded compactly, making them easy to store.




Some other purchasing tips

There are lots of other questions and aspects to consider, such as: 

Is the storage space underneath sufficient? We know babies don’t pack light, so if you plan on carrying a lot while you are out and about, look for a pram with ample storage. Our prams come with 10kg or 12kg basket storage capacity. 

Ensure the safety standards are up to scratch and the pram complies with safety regulations.

Does the canopy offer a good amount of shade? A babies’ skin is notoriously sensitive to the sun, so it is crucial to ensure they are sufficiently shaded.

Once you have considered these questions, it is time to decide on your pram.

Explore our Redsbaby prams & strollers here or attend one of our Demo Days to try, touch and test our prams in person.