We went behind the scenes with Amelia (@luxe_everyday) and Jessica (@jessicabanzon) and asked what it was like on the recent Redsbaby Limited Edition Carbon photoshoot.

Amelia Clements (@luxe_everyday) – Stylist, Carbon

What was your role for the Redsbaby Carbon shoot?

I was the stylist, which included sourcing and styling wardrobe samples for the models, and pram props for the JIVE² and METRO² Carbon prams.

What was your inspiration when styling the Carbon shoot?

I always kept the modern, urban family in the front of my mind. Where would they be going? What would they be doing? Then, together with the Creative Director, we took elements from the pram itself and chose pieces that would complement and not overpower the design. The Carbon pram has many subtle design details, so we paired it with a black motorcycle jacket, quilted drop pants (for baby) and many, many shades of black.

Who are some of the designers/suppliers you used for the Carbon wardrobe?

It was important to me that the models were wearing realistic pieces, that parents and kids would actually wear. I chose labels that are known in the marketplace for creating stylish clothes that can withstand parenthood. In particular, Blossom and GlowLegoe Heritage and Miann & Co. I also couldn’t help picking up a few pieces from my favourite kids boutique in Canberra, Tip You’re It.

What was your favourite part of the Carbon shoot?

Seeing photographer Marcus Walters work his magic was pretty inspiring but I have to say, seeing 6 adults jumping around trying to make one toddler smile was pretty amusing!

What was it like working on a shoot for Redsbaby?

Simply put, a dream. Everyone was so friendly and professional and mostly parents, so there was a lot of showing photos of our kids on our iPhones going on!

You have the 2017 limited edition, Redsbaby JIVE Brass. What appealed you to most about the Brass?

I think it was the combination of all the well thought out details that Redsbaby are known for, like the luxe accents, perfectly-fits-everything pram organiser, and I personally love the tandem mode so I can trap (I mean push!) around both my babies at once.

Do you try to coordinate your, or baby Ivy and toddler Artie’s, outfits to your pram?

Ha ha! Umm will you judge me if I say yes? It’s definitely something I think about when both kids are in the pram. I’m usually wearing something minimal, so maybe by default I dress them similarly.

What do you look for when shopping for your own wardrobe?

I have to LOVE whatever I’m buying. I treat shopping like I’m a boss interviewing new employees. The clothes must make me look good and get along with the rest of my wardrobe! I work hard for my money, so the clothes have to work hard for me! High quality and sustainable/ethical pieces are highly favoured.

Jessica (@jessicabanzon) & Jaxon Dvorsky (@babyjumpie) – Talent, Carbon

What was your role for the Redsbaby Carbon shoot?

I was one of the talent for the shoot and played the role of ‘mum’.

What was your favourite part of the shoot?

It was such a fun day. Everyone on set was lovely. I played mum to children of different ages from newborn to toddler, which is something I hadn’t done in a single shoot previously. It was a great experience. I also learned that children don’t follow schedules. They set them! Haha. Once they are happy and ready, then we shoot! All the children were adorable. My favourite part was working with my baby boy.

Your gorgeous baby Jaxon worked with you on the day, how was it working with your little man? Had you shot with Jaxon before?

I loved working with Jaxon. I was excited and nervous at the same time. You know what they say about working with kids (and animals)! Jaxon did well. There was a little moment of crankiness, but we got through it and hopefully captured some great photos. It was our first shoot together so it is one that I will remember. One for the baby book!

What was the location of the shoot like (Carriageworks, Sydney)?

I am a huge fan of Carriageworks. I love old rail yards, industrial buildings, exposed brick walls, raw and stripped back spaces… It might be my Interior Designer mind talking, but I’d live there if I could.

You’re a Redsbaby mum (JIVE Brass), what do you love most about your pram?

I fell in love with the look of the pram as soon as I saw it. It’s sleek, black on black with a touch of brass. I have a bit of a monochrome obsession, and love a touch of metallic. Looks aside, my partner and I went to an expo to test all the prams, and Redsbaby came out on top. The JIVE is compact, light, easy to use, can be converted into a tandem pram – which we purchased, and last but not least, it’s an Aussie brand. I love supporting local businesses wherever I can.

What made you decide to buy a limited edition Redsbaby pram (2017 JIVE Brass)?

We would’ve purchased a JIVE anyway, but we were sold on the colour scheme and quilted details of the limited edition. Pure luxury. Jaxon did arrive a few weeks before the JIVE Brass was released, but I loved it that much that I was happy to wait.

What was it like working with the Redsbaby team?

The Redsbaby team were wonderful. Prior to the shoot, we had a meeting so they could inform me about what to expect on the day and answer any questions I had regarding my role and working with Jaxon and other bubs. Communication was great in the lead up to the shoot and the actual day was a breeze. 

Thanks Amelia and Jessica, we loved working with you on the Carbon shoot.