Meet Amber & Marc, they are a family from ‘For Our Community’ nominations. They have been in lockdown since January, due to the bushfires and air quality. Then came COVID and only now, have started to get out for walks because of eased pandemic restrictions. We are thrilled to be able to help contribute to their family journey by gifting them a new pram. Here is their story.

Tell us a little about yourself & your family?

My fiancée Marc and I have been together for two and a bit years, last year we decided to add to our family and decided to try for a baby.

Tell us about your parenting journey so far?

Lorelei was born on the tenth of January 2020, at 10:45 am. I had been recently spent several weekends preparing our bush fire survival guide as the danger of the fire drew closer. When I started contracting the only way I could safely travel to the hospital was ensuring I was wearing a mask to protect my air ways. The hospital was smoky and you could smell it in every room. Once we were home roughly a week or two later we were on an evacuation notice due to fire danger. Luckily we were not evacuated but we could see the glow of the fire on the mountains. During this time my fiancée asked me to marry him by placing the ring on our daughter’s tummy inside her wrap so that when I opened it to change her I found it and he asked me to marry him; spoiler I said yes.
Now we are in lockdown due to the Covid 19 crisis, not only has it made it kind of lonely being home all day everyday, but my fiancée lost hours at work, making things tight. However I have had an amazing opportunity to spend getting to know my beautiful baby girl, perhaps better due to the confinement we have shared. I could not ask for a better partner then my fiancée, he’s an amazing father; hands on and he simply adores her as she does him!

What has becoming a parent taught you?

It has taught me a deeper sense of love, there isn’t anything I would not do for my daughter. It has also taught me about family; we have had many friends and family support us and stand by us through these tough times which means the world to me.

What’s your favourite thing about being a parent?

Seeing her smile and hearing her laugh. Holding her when she sleeps and just cuddling her.

What was something you took away from your childhood that you want to replicate with your child?

My parents were always big believers in us being capable and competent, even as young children. This is something I hope to encourage with Lorelei.

What has been your latest parenting challenges? And how are you trying to overcome them?

I suppose that would have to be continuing to raise our child during isolation for the time being, which we will continue to keep moving forward, using online technology to communicate with others and focusing on spending this time learning and exploring with our baby girl.

Tell us how the donation has impacted your family?

The donation of this pram has meant a lot to us. Not only does this allow us to more easily walk around the local neighbourhood and get some exercise and allow our daughter to explore the different sensory experiences this can bring, it has also allowed us to really look at all we have come through and the amazing little girl that has been totally worth it a hundred times over! It is something that we thought we wouldn’t be able to have for our daughter and we are very grateful!

If you know of a family in need of a new pram please nominate them via our website.