How to prepare and set up a safe baby nursery

by | Mar 18, 2022

Safety should be your number one priority when setting up your baby’s nursery, but how do you set up a safe baby nursery and what should you look out for when purchasing your nursery furniture to ensure it’s safe for use. Read on to learn more. 

Choosing a safe baby cot

baby cot

Above: ARBOUR Cot

Having a safe cot is paramount, especially how long your baby will be in there. Our ARBOUR Cot is designed to be suitable from newborn up until 5 years old.

You’ll want to invest in a cot that has the following safety features:

Breathability – open sides, including the head ends of the cot
No drop sides – which can weaken over time and fail
Stability and durability
Mattress firmness and size – ensure you select the correct sized mattress based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, so it fits snug around the edges of the cot; it should also be firm. Our ARBOUR Cotis designed to comply with all safety regulations.

Choosing a safe baby bassinet

baby bassinet

The bassinet is where your baby is likely to be for the first 6 months, ensuring your bassinet complies with international safety standards will help you purchase the safest bassinet for your baby in Australia. Our Redsbaby ARBOUR Bassinet is designed to comply with US Bassinet and Cradle Standard ASTM 2194-16.

Some other features to look for:
Bassinets that provide airflow with mesh sides
Breathable mattress
Flat and firm mattress – which passes mattress firmness standards
Wide, deep and stable design

Other safety considerations

In addition to selecting safe nursery furniture, you’ll want to think about:

Pets – ensure you have baby safety gates set up to keep dogs outside
Blinds and chords– do not position your cot, changing table or bassinet close to any blinds, chords or curtains
Anchor – ensure shelves and cupboards are secured to walls
Linen – do not use any cot bumpers, pillows or bulky bedding in your cot or bassinet; always follow Red Nose safe sleeping guidelines

Safety standards of safe nursery furniture products

Cots – Cots for household use – Safety requirements CPN No.6 2005 and AS/NZS 2172:2013 (AU Standard)
Cot and bassinet mattresses – Sleep surfaces – Test for firmness AS/NZS 8811.1:2013 (AU Standard)
Bassinets – With no Australian safety standards, you should look for compliance with international safety standards such as Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Bassinets and Cradles ASTM 2194-16 (US Standard)
Shelves (and other furniture) – Domestic furniture – Freestanding chests of drawers, wardrobes and bookshelves/bookcases – Determination of stability ≈ (AU Standard)

Redsbaby ARBOUR Nursery Furniture

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