Established in 2013, Redsbaby was founded by Meagan and Brett Redelman with a vision to enrich the lives of Australian families by creating products that have been carefully considered and designed to complement the Australian way of life.

The first year of business was spent thoroughly researching the market and establishing manufacturing relationships, which a year later lead to the creation and sale of the first Redsbaby pram, the
Bounce, in early 2014. It’s now been 5 years since we’ve been a part of Australian family journeys and we’re thrilled to celebrate this milestone, with the launch of an Anniversary Edition of our flagship JIVE², labelled JIVE² Scenic.

Limited in numbers, JIVE² Scenic has all the features of the award-winning
JIVE², including the one-piece fold and ability to convert into a compact and easy-to-use tandem and combines it with unique, distinctive details.

JIVE² Scenic Unique Features

JIVE² Scenic Design

We sat down with our industrial designer, My Tran Hoang, to take us through the birth of the
JIVE² Scenic.

What was the inspiration behind JIVE² Scenic colour palette?

The inspiration is the unique Australian way of life, where families can be strolling around the city or exploring nature, which is just around the corner. The understated cool grey palette was chosen to reflect the co-existence of urban lifestyle and the beauty of nature.

Why was this anniversary edition called ‘Scenic’?

It was chosen to represent the moments and adventures family life can take you on and it also reflects the Redsbaby 5th anniversary and what we’ve achieved in this time.

How is this pram different to the others in the range?

As we wanted to celebrate our 5-year anniversary, we decided to modify the branding and use a chrome finish on the metal logos and zipper pulls. One of the features customers love about our prams is the leatherette, which we’ve added to the seat and back pocket for Scenic. The leatherette design on the handle bar and the bumper bar were also refreshed with a new pattern, which is another unique feature for this limited edition. These luxury details combined with the understated cool grey fabrics and dark gunmetal chassis are sure to get a lot of attention and be something customers will love.

What is your favourite feature of JIVE² Scenic?

Everything! But as I can only choose one thing, it would be the beautiful grey leatherette handle bar. I love its timelessness.