All eyes are on our
Limited Edition Carbon, with its sophisticated monochrome palette and unique geometric design, since launching on the 3rd of April. Exclusive, stylish and distinct, Carbon is inspired by precious Australian stones and minerals.  Beautiful Carbon accessories are gifted with every JIVE² and METRO² Carbon, including an embroidered Pram Organiser and combination Seat Liner / Foot Cover, valued at $150.  Industrial Designer, Anna, takes us behind the scenes of the Carbon photoshoot, and tells us where the inspiration for Carbon came from.

What was the inspiration behind the Carbon design?

Like all our prams, we draw inspiration from the Australian lifestyle and environment. This pram has really stepped outside the box, with the main inspiration being minerals and stones found in Australia. This allowed us to explore a dark monochrome colour palette with cutting edge details. This pram has character and multi-faceted layers, much like the natural elements it reflects.

Why ‘Carbon’? (Where did the name come from?)

The name Carbon directly reflects the mineral, carbon, which is where we drew our strongest inspiration. The layers and textures of black materials, the asymmetric micro detailing and use of matte and glossy finishes directly reflects its unique characteristics.

How did you design the pattern on Carbon?

The pattern on our Carbon prams was inspired by the asymmetrical characteristics of the carbon mineral. It was designed as a repeat pattern and to be used in solitude, so that the repeat pattern still appears quite random. No two pieces of carbon are the same, which is the look and feel we were trying to achieve with this pattern.

What makes Carbon unique?

The beauty of Carbon is in the detail. At first glance, it’s black. Upon closer inspection, it’s a layered artwork that unfolds one facet at a time. Every detail has been thought through, from textures and tactility through to high-end branding treatments. We’ve considered every little detail when creating this unique design.

What do you think customers will love the most about Carbon?

That is a tough one! I think the monochrome colour palette will grab people’s attention, and the detailing just adds another layer. But what I think people will love the most is the use of luxury fabrics and premium branding that really makes this product exclusive and stand out. It will surely turn heads.

How is Carbon different to other all black prams?

The beauty and uniqueness of this pram is in the detail. We’ve used premium branding, materials and finishes that complement the edgy embroidery and print details. It really is a pram that’s full of surprises.

What part of the project did you most enjoy working on?

All of it! I loved creating the pattern and exploring the unique features of natural stones and minerals to draw inspiration. It’s always a joy to design something really luxe with no expense spared, which is how I feel about this pram.

Who does Carbon appeal to?

The discerning consumer that wants a pram with edge! Something unique but not polarizing. Someone that really cares about luxury finishes, fabrics and sophistication, and wants a monochrome colour that will go with absolutely everything.

What is your favourite thing about Carbon?

I love it all, but if I had to choose, it would be the super soft bassinet lining, totally unique to Carbon, and the premium black on black branding. The matte wheels are pretty special too!