Our CONNECT™ collection of carriers have been over twenty-four months in the making. Considerable research, design, and innovation focused on meeting Australian parents’ unique needs. This resulted in a collection of products that will change the way Australian parents’ babywear.  We sat down with Anna and Tristan, our designers behind the collection, to learn more about how we developed this range of products. 


What is your role at Redsbaby? 



I’m the Lead Industrial Designer at Redsbaby. I work with a talented team of designers in our Research and Development Team to craft and create beautiful and functional that sit within the Redsbaby portfolio. 



I am a Junior Industrial Designer at Redsbaby, providing hands-on support to Anna and the Research and Development Team. I assist in developing the product portfolio through interpreting design briefs, carrying out research and preparing specification packs for sampling and production. 


Where did you start when it came to designing and bringing the CONNECT™ collection to life? 



I wanted to create a product that someone would be proud to wear. As a mother of two myself, I have spent hours using carriers and knew there was an opportunity to make a significant difference in the category.  

Consumer insights formed the backbone for the initial design concepts. The goal was to create a product that was a revolution in the babywearing category, a product designed to solve the pain points of existing products, especially concerning their lack of features for our unique Australian lifestyle. As always, we design our products where function and beauty are hand-in-hand. No stone was left unturned when it came to the small functional elements where beauty truly is in the details.  

Scetches of the CONNECT Carrier


What was your biggest challenge to producing the carriers? 



The biggest challenge was ‘leaving no stone unturned in delivering an innovative, market-leading product that added value and improved the babywearing experience. To break into a category with such strong market leaders, we needed a unique proposition and bravery. Countless sampling, trialing, and modifying did not come without extreme challenges. Especially during COVID when the project’s development was at its peak. We got there, though, and we couldn’t be prouder of the outcomes.  


What design elements are you most proud of on the carriers? 



I’d have to say the Tri-layer system, allowing the wearer and child maximum comfort in all climates. One of the things I always felt as a pain point with my carrier was in summer. Not only did I often feel sweaty, so did my baby. The only alternative was to buy another ‘summer carrier’. The CONNECT™ is suitable for all climates in one as it has three layers depending on the weather. 

I’m also very proud of the overarching theme of ‘Connection’ for all our carriers. The product integrates this core concept throughout, including pockets where the wearer can put their hand into the carrier and cradle their baby skin to skin inside the carrier. I wish I had the opportunity to have this experience with my carrier when my babies were small.  



My favourite design element of the carriers is the CONNECT™ Pockets. I was there when we had the idea to create them. It is such a simple design element but has a big impact on helping parents bond with their babies. 



Which design element took the most amount of time to get right for you? 



It would have to be micro details. We didn’t want to leave any feature unresolved and wanted to incorporate all accessories seamlessly and effortlessly. There is a lot of complexity that goes into simplifying complex designs. There are no shortcuts, just perseverance.  



The buckles on the carriers took the most amount of time from me. There was a high level of research and testing that went into them. The research was vital because we had to be stringent with ensuring we met safety standards that it was seamless for the customer to use to take the carriers off and on easily.  

We also designed a magnetic buckle that took months of development to find an IP (Intellectual Property) infringement. We had to start back at square one. 

Connect Plus Glacier Buckle


What has been your favourite moment in creating the CONNECT™ collection? 



Winning the Red Dot Award for the design of the CONNECT PLUS has definitely been a proud moment. Red Dot is an international award given to designs for market-leading innovation and quality.  

However, to finally see years of development come to life when we received the final market-ready samples, in all their glory with colour and trim, would have to go down as my favourite moment.  



My favourite part was revealing the final product, seeing all of our hard work, research, and commitment in one product. It was an amazing moment for me since working at Redsbaby. 


Where did you get your inspiration for the design of the CONNECT™ collection? 



Beautiful, functional products and apparel inspired me. Inspiration never came from in category, but rather cross-category and high-performance products such as sportswear and equipment. The Australian climate and consumer insights were significant drivers in the design development, so inspiration was never limited to products but rather the Australian lifestyle’s expanse and nuances.  



CONNECT Collection logo

Redsbaby’s CONNECT™ Collection of baby carriers are thoughtfully crafted to nurture a true connection between parent and child. With market-leading innovations and multiple patents pending, each product has been designed in Australia for our unique way of life and to enrich your family journey. Head here to learn more and shop now.