Dreams do come true. Our new Nursery Furniture collection is here.

by | Nov 3, 2021

We are proud to announce that we have launched our new ARBOUR Collection of baby nursery furniture.

The ARBOUR Collection brings the warmth and richness of nature into your nursery. All you need to create your place of sanctuary.

This blog post will take you through what makes our ARBOUR Collection the ideal nursery furniture to set up your baby nursery.


Dream big


“Developing a cot which was safe, durable and convertible to last for years to come was at the forefront of the design. And we know that parent’s want a modern and stylish nursery and the ARBOUR cot provides just that.” Meagan Redelman, Redsbaby Co-Founder and Head of Product Design.

The ARBOUR Cot is crafted from sustainable, solid and natural wood. It is high quality, durable and safe while being convertible for newborns to 5 years with multiple mattress heights.

Our ARBOUR Cot includes a range of features to ensure a safe environment for you and your child; Including eco and non-toxic paints, fixed side rails and breathable sides, and complies with safety standards.

Our natural colourway embraces the unique variations in the thickness and direction of the beechwood grain, creating pieces that celebrate the natural characteristics of wood and are all one of a kind.

Learn more about our new ARBOUR Cot here.


Beautifully functional


“A focus on functionality combined with style drove the design of the ARBOUR Shelf. Ensuring it converted to a changing table while providing plenty of storage while coordinating with the rest of the Collection has created a piece that serves multiple purposes and completes your nursery.” Meagan Redelman, Redsbaby Co-Founder and Head of Product Design.

The ARBOUR Shelf merges natural materials with versatility and quality construction. It provides convenient and easy-access storage and the ability to be used as a changing table.

Coordinate with our Felt Baskets to organise and neatly store the items you need. There is more than one way to use our ARBOUR Shelf as it converts to a beautiful and practical changing table for nappy changes and can then be used as a shelf in any space throughout your home for years to come.

Learn more about our new ARBOUR Shelf here.

ARBOUR Bassinet

Where dreams begin


“The first six months of your baby’s life is a special time. The ARBOUR bassinet is designed to keep your baby close to you in these first months.” Meagan Redelman, Redsbaby Co-Founder and Head of Product Design.

Beautiful for your nursery and anywhere throughout your home, the ARBOUR Bassinet provides a safe sleeping environment for your newborn up to 6 months.

Our new ARBOUR Bassinet allows you to share the same room as your baby while they sleep safely on their own surface, reducing the risk of SIDS and providing you with easy access to your baby during the night.

Learn more about our new ARBOUR Bassinet here.

Cot Mattress

Sleeping soundly


“Your baby will be sleeping on a cot mattress for their first 5 years. We wanted to design a mattress which supported your child throughout this time, putting safety and comfort first.” Meagan Redelman, Redsbaby Co-Founder and Head of Product Design.

Designed with the optimal firmness for a safe sleeping surface, non-toxic and breathable materials, our Cot Mattress allows you to sleep with ease knowing your child is too.

Our Cot Mattress is designed to the correct size and specifications to fit our ARBOUR Cot and ensure a tight-fitting around the edges. Suitable for all baby cots with a recommended mattress size of 130cm x 69cm x 12.5cm.

Learn more about our new Cot Mattress here.

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Redsbaby ARBOUR Collection

We are proud of our new Collection of baby nursery furniture, and we hope you enjoy creating your place of sanctuary for your newborn.  Head here for more information about our ARBOUR Collection.