Babies and infants spend a lot of time in their pram. Whether they’re in a bassinet, a stroller seat or in a car capsule, there are multiple ways to get them to and from places. There are many options and a number of things to consider when choosing a pram for your newborn. Some people compare choosing the right pram as big a decision as choosing the family car.

To help out during this exciting time, we’ve put together some questions you should ask yourself before making your pram purchase.

1. Why use a bassinet?

A bassinet provides your newborn with a safe and comfortable environment and allows them to lie in a fully-flat position while their spine and neck muscles are developing.

It is recommended that a bassinet is used for newborns up until they are 6 months old or can sit up unaided.

2. When can baby transition to the seat?

Once your child can sit up unaided it is time to transition them from the bassinet to the seat.

3. What is my budget?

At the end of the day, most decisions will come down to finding the best and safest option that you fit within your budget. There are many pram brands that include a bassinet as standard, including the
Redsbaby JIVE2. While other brands offer a bassinet as an optional extra, like the Redsbaby METRO2 which is available with or without a bassinet, offering you greater flexibility.

4. How will the pram be used?

When choosing a pram, you should consider your lifestyle. If you’re planning on walking a lot in the early days, a bassinet is a great option, as you’re less likely to have to move your child if they fall asleep while you’re out and about.

Another consideration is whether you would like a travel system for your pram. A travel system can be very convenient as you can secure the car capsule onto the chassis of the pram. This will allow you to transfer baby from car to pram without having to wake them up.

5. Can the pram be used for newborns and toddlers?

If you are looking to purchase a pram that is as comfortable for a newborn as it is for a three-year-old, then you will need a pram will give you attachment options. Many prams on the market will have the option for a bassinet that can be packed and stored away once your newborn ready to transition to the seat.

The seat on the Redsbaby JIVE2 and Redsbaby METRO2 pram can be positioned parent-facing or forward-facing, allowing your child to interact with you or the world around them.

6. Do I need a tandem pram?

If you plan on having a second child or have two children, you may want to look at a product that gives you flexibility as your family expands. The Redsbaby JIVE
2 easy converts to a tandem pram, allowing you to accommodate up to two children.

Some other tips

There are lots of other questions and aspects to consider when
choosing a pram for your newborn, such as:

  1. Is the storage space underneath sufficient? Keep in mind you shouldn’t be hanging anything from the handlebar, so if you plan on carrying a lot while you’re out and about, look for a pram with ample storage
  2. If the pram is easy to manoeuvre and can you steer with one hand if necessary? Remember the weight of the pram will change slightly with a child in it, as will the stability and movement.
  3. Ensure the safety standards are all up to scratch, and the pram complies with safety regulations.
  4. Does the canopy offer a good amount of shade? Babies’ skin is notoriously sensitive to the sun so making sure they are sufficiently shaded is crucial.

Once you’ve considered these questions, it’s time to decide on your pram. Explore the
Redsbaby Collection here, or attend one of our Demo Days and see for yourself why Redsbaby has been voted Australia’s highest rated pram, by, two years in a row.