If you like to get active but can’t seem to find the time now that you’re a mum, strap bub into your Redsbaby pram and try these fun, body-burning Lizzy Williamson. Lizzy is the founder of 2 Minute Moves– a fantastic fitness initiative that’s all about helping people fall in love with fitness, two minutes at a time.

If your baby is a newborn, you can do all these moves with baby in the bassinet so they have a front row seat to your mini workout.

While our prams are not jogging prams, these video shows how prams can still be used in a great way for stationary exercise.

This is a great session to do when you have an unsettled bub on your hands as you can rock them while you work out!

Check out Lizzy’s full range of 2 Minute Move videos (including the famed ‘2 Minute Wine Bottle Workout’) on her Instagram account.

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