Everything you need to know about safely sleeping your baby overnight and pram bassinets.

by | Feb 7, 2022

One of the most valued features of our Redsbaby prams is the ability for our pram bassinets to be used safely for overnight sleeping when used with the bassinet stand. It saves you from purchasing a separate bassinet or positioning your large cot next to your bed. Having the bassinet stand at your grandparents can also be handy, so you can easily secure your bassinet when visiting.
We’re committed to providing Australian families with the safest baby products and the latest innovations to make their parenting journey easier.

Many parents-to-be also ask whether it is safe to sleep their baby overnight in our bassinets.

The answer is yes…. Read on to learn how our bassinets are safe for overnight sleeping.

Are there any safety standards for bassinets sold in Australia?

No, there are no bassinet safety standards required for bassinets sold in Australia. This means that brands can sell a bassinet with potential hazards and risks.

However, as part of our commitment to providing Australian families with the safest baby products, our bassinets are designed to comply with international bassinet standards ASTM 2194-16, providing you with a safety-approved bassinet for your baby.

What safety measures are covered in the ASTM 2194-16?

The international bassinet safety standards ASTM 2194-16 are enforced in America, where over 3.6 million babies are born per year. The standards have strict design safety measures including:

Stipulated height of the sides of bassinets
Breathable zones
Sturdiness and broad, stable base
Indicators to ensure the bassinet is installed safely
Firm, flat mattress

What do Australian industry experts recommend?

The list provided above is similar to what Red Nose recommends for safely sleeping your baby in a bassinet. In addition, Red Nose recommend you never sleep your baby in a stroller or bassinet when attached to a pram. We agree. It can create an unsafe, unsteady environment due to a pram having a wheeled base that can roll around and be unstable. That’s why our Redsbaby bassinets are only approved for overnight sleeping when used with our Bassinet Stand, which provides a safe, stable base for your bassinet, as well as safety indicators to ensure you know when the bassinet is secure.

Our Redsbaby bassinets meet all the above requirements.

Redsbaby is always focused on safety – that’s why we’re a member of INPAA.


Redsbaby is proudly a member of INPAA – an organisation committed to promoting infant safety. INPAA works closely with regulatory authorities, international affiliates and industry members to improve infant safety. We’re a member of INPAA to ensure we’re kept up to date with the latest in safety and regulatory requirements.

Our bassinet stand makes a critical difference in whether your bassinet can be used for overnight sleeping or not, as, without a bassinet stand, a pram is considered a ‘transport device’, and shouldn’t be used to sleep your child in overnight. When used with the bassinet stand, your bassinet is approved for overnight sleeping.

We recommend you regularly check on your baby throughout the night and follow Red Nose safe sleeping guidelines. We know it’s hard not to check on your baby multiple times in their earliest months, having been there ourselves!

I’ve read other brands claiming that no bassinets are designed for safe overnight sleeping in Australia. Why are they making these claims?

Brands that do not design bassinets approved for overnight sleeping may claim that using a pram bassinet for this purpose is unsafe. Making these claims is generally due to the limitations of the design of their bassinets, including shorter sides, lack of perforated, firm mattresses, breathability, and lack of sturdiness. Ultimately, they cannot offer this highly valued feature to Australian parents. Further, their bassinets are not tested for safe sleeping at all (including for sleeping during the day or while on walks) due to the lack of standards in Australia specifically for bassinets. These brands do not go above the pram standards to test their bassinets for safe sleep (even while out on walks during the day). To put the safety of your baby first, we recommend you look for prams that are designed to comply with the Australian standards as well as the ASTM 2194-16 to ensure you have the safest product for you and your baby.

Safety is our priority; that’s why we go above the safety requirements.


Above: @__megzie’s baby in our bassinet.

We put safety first, and that’s why we chose a standard to comply with, which was created to protect over 3.6 million babies born each year. Rest assured that when you choose a Redsbaby, you’re choosing a product that complies with, and exceeds, both Australian and international safety standards.

As parents ourselves, we understand the importance of safety.

To read expert advice on how to sleep your baby safely:

Red Nose/ SIDS Safe Sleep Guidelines
Note: Without bassinet safety standards in Australia, SIDS recommend baby cots for sleeping. You can explore our ARBOUR Cot, which complies with the Australian standard AS/NZS 2172:2003 here.

Product Safety Australia – Bassinets
In addition to our pram bassinets approved for overnight sleeping when used with the bassinet stand, you can explore our ARBOUR Bassinet, which complies with the ASTM 2194-16 and has a range of different features and benefits here.

Product Safety Australia – Prams & strollers
This is the general guideline for prams and strollers. All Redsbaby prams and strollers comply with the mandatory and voluntary standards and the international ASTM 2194-16.

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