Babywearing has many benefits for both parent and child. Brooke Maree, Australia’s leading babywearing educator, shares the main benefits from her experience as a mother and an expert.


1.    Babywearing is practical

A baby carrier or wrap is one of the most practical tools you can have in your parenting toolbox. Your baby wants to be close to your beating heart, warm soothing skin, and familiar smell and voice. This is all they’ve known in the womb and babywearing helps facilitate this. There are many benefits that come with using a baby carrier or baby wrap, from bonding and emotional well-being to convenience and health protection.

As a first-time parent myself, babywearing put many of my anxieties at ease and empowered me in my new role as a mother. It felt like magic to hold my daughter in a baby wrap. She would drift to sleep and I’d have my hands free to continue with my day. Babywearing brought me so much joy that I created my babywearing consultancy six years ago. Now, every day, I educate parents on babywearing benefits, safety, and how to achieve optimal comfort.


2.    Babywearing provides a health protection

Since the events of 2020, emphasis has been placed on protecting our babies from coming into contact with germs and viruses that their new systems are vulnerable to. Thankfully, babywearing can help with this. Keeping your baby close to you means less contact with surfaces and environments that may pose a risk to them. It can even deter strangers from approaching and trying to touch your baby without your permission.

When carried close to your skin, your baby remains calm as their breathing and temperature are regulated by yours. Their energy is not used crying for comfort which can increase stress hormones that aren’t good for a growing immune system.


3.    Babywearing promotes healthy bonding between parent and child

Babywearing increases bonding between a parent and child. When you smell your baby, have their body or skin against yours, and delicately caress the top of their head or the bottom of their feet, the feel-good hormone oxytocin rushes around in your brain and body, helping you to feel loving and happy. This can help lessen postnatal depression and anxiety for many new parents.

When carrying your baby, you have many opportunities to interact directly with them which is beneficial in their development. The Redsbaby’s CONNECT™ collection has unique  CONNECT™ Pockets allowing you to cradle your baby directly with your hands., deepening your bond with your child.



4.    Babywearing eases colic, reflux, and general unsettledness

When your baby is held in the upright position in the carrier, their colic or reflux symptoms are reduced. This is a welcome relief to both parent and child.

A natural gentle massage occurs when your baby’s stomach is held up against your chest when babywearing, assisting your baby’s digestion. If your baby is struggling to bring up a burp or has symptoms of mild constipation, carrying them in their natural froggy (or ‘M’) position can help relieve some of their symptoms.


5.    Babywearing promotes healthy hip development and overall wellbeing

When babies are born, their hips are still developing. The socket the femoral head (the highest part of the thigh) is placed in is made of soft cartilage; The hard bone does not form fully for many more years. This is why it’s important to always place your child’s legs into the hip-healthy ‘M’ position when swaddling them, placing them into a car seat, or a baby carrier. Baby carriers can ensure the hip is placed at the right angle for optimal hip development. Redsbaby’s CONNECT™ PLUS is endorsed by Healthy Hips Australia, and the CONNECT collection promotes healthy hip development and prevents hip dysplasia by positioning your newborn’s legs in the M-position during their most critical development stage.


6.    Carriers provide convenience

Babywearing makes it easier to navigate tricky environments like crowded places, stairs, grass, and narrow aisles. Your child can sleep peacefully on you and you don’t have to worry about rocking them back to sleep or missing nap time. It’s convenient to hold them close and go about your day.



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About the author:

Brooke Maree

Brooke Maree is a mother to two children and Australia’s leading babywearing educator and expert. She offers babywearing consultations across Brisbane or online via zoom. You can find her website here or connect with her on Instagram to learn more about babywearing.