Do Redsbaby sell a double or tandem pram?

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The JIVE³ thoughtful engineering and design allows you to adapt the pram to accommodate two children, so the pram grows as your family grows, all while maintaining the slim and light profile of a single pram. We sell the JIVE³ as a Double (includes stroller, bassinet and second seat), Single (includes stroller and bassinet) and also sell the Second Seat Conversion Kit separately, so you can upgrade your single JIVE³ pram to accommodate two seated children at a later date, should you wish to. These are all available on our Accessories page.

The Redsbaby METRO³ cannot accommodate a second toddler seat. This is due to the way the chassis is designed.

*The JIVE, JIVE³ Pram and JIVE³ Platinum Pram can also convert into a double pram

Double / Tandem
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