What is the head barrier on my pram seat and why is the zipper pull tab missing?

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The head barrier serves an important safety function by preventing your child sliding out of the top of the stroller and becoming entrapped in the gap between the handlebar and seat.

This is a mandatory safety feature for all strollers and prams sold in Australia that have a reclining seat to an angle greater than 150 degrees (i.e. the flat position). The head barrier must be permanently secured to the stroller, or if removable, require a tool to do so.

The JIVE² Platinum, JIVE², METRO² and AirFlow Kit all come with head barriers, which are attached to their respective seat units with a zipper that does not have a pull tab. Please note that the pull tab has been removed from the zipper to ensure that a child cannot remove the head barrier.

We recommend that you leave the head barrier attached at all times; however, if you need to remove it when your child’s head approaches the top of the seat, then simply insert a paperclip, bobby pin or safety pin into the zipper head to unzip. Alternatively, the head barrier has also been designed to fold flat against the seat unit, again ensuring that it doesn’t interfere with the height limit of your seat.

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