Review by Joni Marie from Little List of Mine.

I love my Redsbaby JIVE so much and it seems I’m not the only one crushing on this awesome Aussie brand; my original post about Why I love my Redsbaby Pram continues to be one of my most popular!

Not only is it beautifully designed, easy to fold up and down, and impeccably finished, but it also comes with a fantastic selection of accessories. Pram accessories can be a little overwhelming and you often don’t know what is essential for your lifestyle and what isn’t.

What’s great about Redsbaby is not only do they offer almost everything you could ever want, from cup holders and rain covers to buggyboards and a second seat, but
the accessories are as reasonably priced as their prams.

When we bought our pram we chose to also get the Maxi-Cosi capsule adaptors, the cup holder, a rain cover and a seat liner.

Maxi Cosi adaptors

These were an absolute non-negotiable when we looked for the perfect pram. Countless friends had told us being able to attach your car capsule straight to the pram was the only way to go and they weren’t wrong! Suitable for the Maxi Cosi Mico, Mico AP and Citi capsules, these adaptors are simple to click in place and super convenient, helping you transition your sleeping (if you’re lucky!) baby seamlessly.

Rain cover

The clear rain cover suits both the bassinet and stroller seat and keeps your baby warm and dry when its raining or windy outside. There is also handy front window for ventilation and the cover is easy to put on.

Cup holder

The cup holder clicks onto the frame and is great for holding drink bottles, which is particularly great when I’m taking the boy for a walk. The only thing I would say is it is more of a bottle holder than a cup holder; I don’t think you could really fit a coffee in it for example, which is probably safer.

Noslip contoured seat liner

A seat liner is a great way to protect your pram and keep it nice and clean. The contoured seat liner is designed for the Redsbaby pram so it fits perfectly and is secured to the stroller seat by press studs. Another good feature is the reversible liner has a soft comfortable fabric on one side and a water-resistant fabric on the other.

Winter foot cover (gifted)

We always knew the foot cover would be essential for us considering the cold climate in Canberra and it hasn’t disappointed. The cover includes a warm seat liner that can be used separately if you want or with the removable pouch. The pouch is lined with a fleecy fabric to keep your little one nice and cosy and nylon at the bottom making it easy to clean if they have dirty shoes. Because the material is so thick the cover really protects your baby from the winter wind and we have found it so useful.

Some of the other accessories I have my eye on include the sun and sleep shade and the buggyboard for when our boy gets bigger.

UPF50+ sun & sleep shade

The shade can also be used on both your bassinet and stroller seat and it protects your little one from the sun. Single layer mesh means it is breathable while it still reducing light to help your baby sleep comfortably. You can even store it in a special compartment underneath the footrest! How clever is that?


The buggyboard would be perfect if we decided to have another baby (or if you really need to use your pram as a shopping trolley!). It attaches in one easy step and can be secured to the pram frame when you’re not using it.

What accessories do you use the most with your pram? Which would you recommend?