Meagan Redelman, one half of Redsbaby’s founding duo, gives us a sneak peek into life as a mum and company director and gives us a glimpse of what’s to come for the rapidly growing business.

What inspired you to start Redsbaby?

My husband, Brett, and I were sitting at our favourite local café and we got talking about how similar all the prams and strollers looked. I come from a product marketing background so this realisation really piqued my interest. We did some research into the industry and discovered that most brands came from the US or Europe; Aussie brand options were scarce… and we decided to fill the gap!

What did you do prior to establishing Redsbaby?

My background is in Product Development and Product Marketing, and I have worked for a range of companies, both local and international, including Sunbeam Australia, TomTom and Living Textiles Baby & Kids. Brett worked in finance for leading wealth generation and investment firms.

Describe yourself and Brett in three words:

Me: Perfectionist, detailed and driven; Brett: Easy-going, passionate and flexible. You know what they say – opposites attract!

What do you love most about running the business?

Our products allow us to be a part of our customers’ precious first years of parenthood and that’s something we cherish. The other great part of running Redsbaby is that we’re in an industry that’s ever-changing – products are always evolving and technology has heavily influenced the industry, too, from a distribution perspective in recent years. We’ve also seen a shift in preference to ‘home grown’, Australian brands like Redsbaby recently, and we’re proud to be able to offer beautiful and functional baby products that are best-in-class for Australian families. Hearing how we make a difference to their lives keeps us energised and focused on innovating and creating.

You also have twins (!)… How do you manage balancing work and family life?

Our twins (Levi and Camilla, 16 months) attend a fantastic, local daycare during the week so we can dedicate that time to the business. We are also realistic with what we can achieve with the resources and support we have available to us. I make sure that I allocate weekly time to ‘switch off’ and spend time with my family. For us, every morning and evening we spend with the twins and every Sunday is family day.

To keep things in balance, we focus on our strengths and look to external resources for the skills and expertise that are lacking. We establish strong partnerships with agencies and suppliers that really ‘get us’ and we haven’t been shy to bring on staff in key areas to help support our rapid growth and keep the business on its positive trajectory. Overall, we focus on enjoying the elements of work that we love and we spend valuable time with our family, too.

What would be your tips for parents going into business for the first time?

No doubt, balancing business with family is challenging at times, but I’ve discovered that acknowledging this is key to enjoying the ride. I don’t expect it to be a bed of roses and I embrace what I learn from the tough times. Keeping things in perspective (and in balance) is especially important when you run your own business and you have a young family.

If you could create a pram that could do ANYTHING, what would it do and how would it look?

Obviously it would do the washing, clean the house… Oh wait, that would make it a robot, not a pram… Okay, my no-holds-barred creation would have a motor that kicks in automatically when you’re walking up hills; it’d be self-cleaning, have a built-in barista and a pop up Dorothy the Dinosaur for entertainment on demand (… and a pop up Ryan Gosling for the mums).

As far as the look, I love our Redsbaby JIVE, so it would look like that but customised to match my black Mini with some rose gold accents.