Getting out and about is a great way to get fresh air, catch up with family or friends, and to help entertain your children. However, it can sometimes feel like a big effort to think of, and pack, everything you’ll need for a day out, or even just for a quick trip out of the house with your child/children.

Being prepared and packing your
Nappy Bag ahead of time can relieve some of the stress felt when trying to remember items just before you leave home. Getting into the habit of repacking or refreshing your bag when you return home after each outing will make sure you’re not caught-out the next time you grab your bag to leave the house!

The items you need to take with you will change based on your child’s age, so we’ve prepared a few checklists for what to pack in your baby bag for each stage, including; the
essentials, what to pack for newborns, toddlers, and of course, what to bring for yourself!

What to pack in your nappy bag for Newborns:

  • Nappies; and lots of them! A general guide is one nappy for each hour you’ll be out, plus a few extra. This will cover you for most situations, but you’ll soon learn your own babies’ nappy needs and have a better idea of how many you go through day-to-day.
  • Nappy rash cream (if required); using a sample or travel size is handy for your nappy bag, so it doesn’t weigh your bag down. Just remember to top it up from your home container if it’s running low!
  • Wipes; whether you’re using water wipes, reusable wipes or other, remember to pack a stash in a waterproof container, zip lock bag or packet in your nappy bag. Wipes also come in handy for spills, stains, dirty hands or surface cleaning.
  • Change mat; some nappy bags come with their own reusable change mat for on-the-go nappy changes.
  • Hat and sun protection; newborn-friendly SPF cream.
  • Nappy disposal bags; or a reusable wet bag for when you’re not near a bin.
  • Spare clothes for your baby; a complete set of extra clothes, plus suitable extras such as a swim nappy or warm clothes (jumper, socks, beanie) depending on the weather.
  • One, or multiple spare dummies; if using them.
  • A favourite toy or teething ring.
  • Formula or expressed breastmilk (if you’re bottle feeding) and other accessories required; having a spare set of sterilised bottle teats ready to go in your nappy bag can be very handy to save time preparing them before you leave the house.
  • Burp cloth, muslin wrap and / or a warmer blanket if it is cool weather; these can be used for multiple purposes, such as for sitting on the ground to picnic, wrapping your baby in if cold, and to clean up any messes.
  • Plastic, biodegradable or reusable waterproof bags for wet or dirtied clothes.
  • Baby nail clippers or file; you never know when those sharp little baby nails are going to need a quick trim or file!
  • Pram Clips; to roll away and secure your sun shade or insect net when not in use.

What to pack in your nappy bag for Toddlers:

  • Nappies; if using them. You’ll learn your own toddlers’ nappy needs and have an idea of how many you go through day-to-day, but always pack an extra couple just in case!
  • Wipes; even if you’re past the nappy stage, wipes are also very useful for spills, stains, dirty hands or surface cleaning.
  • Spare clothes for your toddler; especially if your child is toilet training, you’ll need spare underwear, pants, socks and maybe even shoes!
  • Snacks and food; plus other eating accessories like bibs, spoons and bowls. Also consider bringing an icepack to keep things cool, or check if your baby bag has an insulated pocket for storing food and bottles.
  • A no-spill sippy cup or water bottle.
  • A dummy or other comfort item; if your child uses one.
  • Hat and sun protection; toddler-friendly SPF cream.
  • Plastic, biodegradable or reusable waterproof bags for wet or dirtied clothes.
  • Tissues; toddlers are prone to runny noses.
  • Toys, books, colouring accessories, or other entertainers.
  • First-aid kit; even just the basic items that will help for those playground scrapes and bruises. Any prescribed medications your child is taking, painkillers (age-appropriate), thermometer, tweezers, antiseptic cream, insect bite cream and bandaids are all helpful first-aid items.

What to pack in your nappy bag for YOU:

  • The essentials; wallet, keys and phone. Make sure you have your family doctors’ phone number, and other emergency contacts in your phone, and your Medicare card in your wallet.
  • Sun protection; SPF cream for you and your children, sunglasses, hat, and insect repellent if you’re prone to bites!
  • Other comforts; lip balm, hand cream, gum or mints, headphones to listen to music, podcasts or audiobooks while you’re walking.
  • Snacks, food and water for yourself.
  • Breast pads, nipple cream and sanitary items if needed.
  • Nursing cover if using one.
  • Hand sanitiser; check for one with no alcohol in it – they can affect fabric and leatherette on your clothes, nappy bag or pram handle bar.
  • A change of clothes for you, just in case!
  • Reusable travel coffee cup & water bottle.
  • First-aid kit; for you and your child. Any prescribed medications (check the instructions, if they need to be stored in a cool pack or not), painkillers (age-appropriate), thermometer, tweezers, antiseptic cream, insect bite cream and bandaids are all helpful first-aid items.

Choosing the size and style of your nappy bag is important too. Finding one that has multiple compartments to easily organise and access your essentials is helpful. A bag that can be used in different modes is also great if multiple family members are using it, as one person may prefer to carry it as a shoulder bag, and the other may prefer to wear it as a backpack. The Redsbaby
Nappy Bag is convenient and versatile, as it can easily convert from a shoulder bag to backpack nappy bag, carry bag or tote bag!

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