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JIVE/METRO Maxi-Cosi Capsule Adaptors - Travel System

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JIVE/METRO Maxi-Cosi Capsule Adaptors - Travel System

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Turn your Redsbaby into a full travel system with our Maxi Cosi Capsule Adaptors.
Suitable for the Maxi Cosi Mico, Mico Plus, Mico AP (post 2013) and Citi capsules. It also fits the Maxi Cosi Titan capsule, however it is a much tighter fit and can be difficult to remove from the adaptors. 

Also compatible with the Joie Gemm and Nuna Pipa.

  • Convenience - transition from car to pram seamlessly by clicking your capsule into your JIVE or METRO
  • Easy to use – capsule clips in and out of the adaptors easily

NOTE: Maxi-Cosi capsule adaptors are not compatible with the BOUNCE (legacy pram model).



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Q: What capsules are the Maxi Cosi Capsule Adaptors compatible with?

A: The Maxi Cosi Capsule Adaptors are compatible with the Maxi Cosi Mico, Mico AP (post 2013) and the new Citi capsule. The adaptors fit the Mico and Mico AP models the best, however you can also use the Maxi Cosi Titan capsule. It is important to note that using the Titan capsule is a much tighter fit, and the Titan can be difficult to remove from the adaptors. The Maxi-Cosi adaptors are also compatible with the Joie i-Gemm and Nuna Pipa capsules. Many parents find it far more cost effective to hire their capsule rather than buying one, as it is only used for the first 6 months of your baby's life. Hire rates can be very economical, and if you decide on doing this then we recommend that you secure a capsule well in advance of your due date.

Q: Should I use my Maxi Cosi Mico on my Redsbaby JIVE or METRO rather than using the bassinet for my newborn? 

A: No. We don't recommend you use a capsule as a replacement for the bassinet. You Redsbaby Jive comes with a bassinet included which we recommend for longer periods. The bassinet allows your baby to lie in the fully flat position during the crucial stage when their spine is still developing. The bassinet also helps ensure that your baby's neck doesn't flex forward, blocking their airway, which can occur when using a capsule for long periods. While it may be more convenient to leave your sleeping bub in a capsule, we recommend you only use the capsule for short periods of time in your pram. For longer periods, we recommend placing your child in the bassinet, which comes as part of your Jive Stroller & Bassinet.



1 x JIVE/METRO set of Maxi-Cosi capsule adaptors compatible



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