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New Product Notifications


We are always working behind the scenes to innovate and find new ways to meet the ongoing needs of our customers. Like most brands, we don’t disclose information about upcoming product launches prior to them being made available to all customers. We are unable to provide information on whether we have new products coming, what they will be, or when they will be made available. As a general rule, from the time we release new products, there is a 12-week wait from ordering to expected dispatch.

There are three key factors that we must confirm before disclosing any information about new products to our customers:

  • The product has passed the relevant Australian safety standards;
  • We have placed our first order and have an accurate expected dispatch date – we want you to have our product in time for your baby's arrival; and
  • All photography and specification lists are 100% complete so you know exactly what to expect with your Redsbaby purchase

It's hugely important to us that you feel comfortable in purchasing such an essential product for your child, and that it arrives in plenty of time for your baby's arrival date.

We announce new products with an approximate 12 week wait time until the stock is available for dispatch.

To keep up to date on any new developments from us, we recommend keeping an eye on our Facebook page, and signing up to our mailing list.



Please be assured that our policy is not intended to put undue pressure on you to make a decision to buy now rather than in the future when a new product may be available. Our aim is to arm you with as much information as possible so you can make the best decision for your family’s needs and to avoid disappointment – whether that means purchasing now and ensuring you have a product in time for your baby’s arrival (and missing out on something new), or waiting for a new product launch only to find the stock will be available after your baby’s arrival (and we have sold out of our previous stock, as we do sell out very quickly).



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