Can I use my JIVE³ / METRO³ bassinet for overnight sleeping without the bassinet stand?

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We recommend that the JIVE³/METRO³ bassinet only be used with the Bassinet Stand for overnight sleeping. As there is no safety standard for bassinets in Australia, we have tested and approved our Bassinet Stand and JIVE³/METRO³ bassinet to the US standard, ASTM F2194 and CFR 1218. These standards address safety features, durability and functionality which attempts to minimize hazards and promote the safe use of bassinets.

The Bassinet Stand creates a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for your newborn; it is stable whilst still being raised off the ground, ensures your baby has their own sleeping surface and can be placed next to you in the bedroom.

Please note, the bassinet for the JIVE², JIVE² Platinum, JIVE² Limited Editions, METRO², METRO² Limited Edition, JIVE and METRO Redsbaby range are not approved overnight sleeping.

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