Can I use the JIVE/JIVE² or METRO/METRO² bassinet with the Bassinet Stand?

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While all Redsbaby bassinets from the 2017 and 2018 collection (2015-2018 models) can click into the bassinet stand, it has only been tested and approved for use with the JIVE³/METRO³ for overnight sleeping in accordance with US standard, ASTM F2194 and CFR 1218.

In order to be approved for overnight sleeping, we have had to make modifications to our pram bassinets, which have only been applied to JIVE³ and METRO³ bassinets, including specific warning notices regarding safe usage and deepening the foot end of the bassinet which are not on previous versions of our bassinets. The only bassinet that is recommended to be used on the Bassinet Stand is the Redsbaby JIVE³/METRO³ bassinet.

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