Covid-19 Delivery Update

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As an online only company, we appreciate that you’re eagerly awaiting your delivery from us and we’re just as excited for your unboxing experience.

We have received the following information from Australia Post regarding the impact that Covid-19 is having on their delivery service:

As you know, across the country we are all managing the sustained challenges of the COVID pandemic. With two of our largest States and some 15 million people in lockdown, the fluctuations in customer online shopping have significantly increased.

We are also dealing with the impacts of the Delta strain and in any given day, we have close to 500 people out of our workforce as they follow necessary self-isolation and testing before clearance back to work. 

This is putting increased pressure on our network like nothing we have experienced before, as we manage staff shortages, temporary facility closures, and parcel volumes as high as Christmas peak period.

Please be assured that if you are waiting for a delivery or placing a new order, it will be on the way to you but your patience at this exciting time is greatly appreciated.

If you feel that your order has been delayed beyond a reasonable time, please email us at [email protected] with your order number and our Customer Care team will investigate this for you.

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