How do I adjust my baby in the CONNECT™ Wrap?

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Before putting your wrap on, do not pull the webbing straps the whole way through the buckle. You will need excess length on the webbing to adjust the tightness of these straps once your baby is positioned inside.

Once your baby has been positioned in the wrap and the straps secured around your waist, you can tighten or loosen the wrap using the back (webbing) straps.

To tighten, pull the back straps (made from webbing) downwards until comfortable. To loosen, gently release the back straps (made from webbing) from the buckle until comfortable.

If your back (webbing) straps are in the tightest position, and you still need the wrap to be snugger, you will need to adjust the straps crossed around your baby at the front. Holding your baby carefully, loosen the webbing straps on your back, untie the waist strap. Resecure the straps around your waist tightly. With the additional webbing at your back, you will be able to make a final adjustment to tighten if necessary.

If available, tie a knot around the front of your waist at the base of your baby’s bottom using the excess waist strap. This is an optional step.

Watch our ‘how-to’ videos for how to assemble and position your baby in the CONNECT™ Wrap here.


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