How do I position my baby in the CONNECT™ Wrap?

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Once you have put the CONNECT™ Wrap on, bring your baby to your chest, take one strap, and guide it diagonally across your baby’s back and bottom, drawing their thigh and leg to your side. Repeat this step with the other strap. The straps should be crossed over your baby in an “X” position, supporting your baby into a seated hold. Your baby’s legs should be in the ‘M’ position.

Holding the straps near your baby’s thighs, take the straps and tie in a knot around your waist. Tuck the excess straps into the waistband if required.

Pull the front panel over your baby’s bottom and back.

To tighten, pull the back straps (made from webbing) downwards until comfortable. To loosen, gently release the back straps (made from webbing) from the buckle until comfortable.

Check and adjust your baby’s legs into the ‘M’ position.

Learn more about the ‘M’ position here.

Watch our ‘how-to’ videos for how to assemble and position your baby in the CONNECT™ Wrap here.


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