How do I put my CONNECT™ Wrap on?

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Attach the front panel of your CONNECT™ Wrap to the straps by threading each webbing strap through the buckle located below the round ‘R’ logo. Do not pull the webbing straps the whole way through the buckle, as you may need to adjust the tightness of these straps once your baby is positioned inside.

Lift the round ‘R’ logo panel up and over your head, ensuring the front panel remains in front of you. The round ‘R’ logo will be positioned on your back, and the straps sitting over your shoulders and draping flat against the front of your body. The front panel will be positioned around your waist.

Thread the long straps through the inside of the front panel. They will now be draping flat against your body on the inside of the front panel.

Watch our ‘how-to’ videos for how to assemble and position your baby in the CONNECT™ Wrap here.

View our step-by-step instructions for putting on the CONNECT™ Wrap here or click on the attachment below.


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