What is the recommended mattress size for use with the ARBOUR Cot?

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Our Cot Mattress has been designed to meet the exact specifications for use with your ARBOUR Cot

The ARBOUR Cot must be used with a mattress measuring 1300mm L x 690mm W x 125mm. You must use the recommended sized mattress with your ARBOUR Cot as this ensures there are no dangerous gaps formed between the sides of the cot and the sides of the mattress and that there is a safe height between the top of the cot sides and the top of the cot mattress.

Specifically, the gaps between the mattress and the sides of the cot must not exceed 40mm when the mattress is pushed to one side or end and 20mm when the mattress is centred in the cot. The depth of the cot in the lower position must be greater than 500mm from the top of the cot mattress to the top of the cot sides. This height reduces the risk of a child climbing or falling out of the cot.

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