What’s the difference between the Pram Organiser and the Accessory Pouch?

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The Pram Organiser and Accessory Pouch are different accessories.

The Accessory Pouch has been designed to hold the smaller accessories when you’re not using them and this can either clip onto the handlebar of your pram or you can put in one of the pockets or perhaps the basket when you’re not using it. The Pram Organiser is more for your personal belongings when you’re out and about and can be detached from the pram, so that they can come with you, should you need to leave it anywhere.

The Accessory Pouch comes as part of the complimentary Accessory Pack and cannot be exchanged for the Pram Organiser, but this is available to purchase in the matching colour of your pram should you wish to purchase it as an optional extra.

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