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JIVE Tandem: Customer Review - Holly Joyce

I love the JIVE Tandem. It is such a fantastic addition to the JIVE. It is so compact for a double. I've road-tested a few friends’ double prams and the JIVE double is by far the most agile. Popping the double over a curb is easy peasy - I expected it to be heavy or cumbersome but it is surprisingly light and easy to tilt up or down onto a footpath with both kids on board.

Elijah loves his special 'seat' and can climb in and out on his own. At first I wasn't sure if I liked how reclined the second seat was but it is actually quite nice and Elijah has had a few naps in it because he can lean back and relax. The fenders on the wheels are great - even in single mode the fenders keep the inside of the basket clean (before I noticed it would get a bit dirty after a long walk). I expected to have trouble with clearance when pushing the double as I have long legs but there is plenty of space. I like that you included the Maxiair canopy on the second seat, too.



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