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How to assemble the Jive³ Platinum as a Double Tandem Pram.

March 4, 2021 201

How to assemble the Jive³ Platinum pram seat.

March 4, 2021 186

How to assemble the Jive³ Platinum pram bassinet

March 4, 2021 172

How to assemble the Jive³ Platinum pram frame and wheels

March 4, 2021 229

Jive³ Platinum Pram Instruction Manual (Updated 2021)

March 10, 2021 423
Please download the instruction manual and guidelines for the Redsbaby Jive³ Platinum Pram in the below PDF document.

Jive³ Pram Second Seat Instruction Manual (Updated 2021)

March 10, 2021 233
Please download the instruction manual and guidelines for the Redsbaby Jive³ Platinum Pram & Jive³ Pram second seat add-on in the below PDF document.

Can I buy the JIVE³ Platinum Pram as a Single but make it a Double later?

March 10, 2021 264
Yes, you can. We sell the Second Seat Conversion Kits separately, which is a specially designed 3/4 seat, which comes with the adaptors needed, so that when the time comes to grow your family, the JIVE³ can grow with you. You can use the JIVE³ Platinum Pram with a Capsule/Bassinet or Main Seat up the top and the Second Seat Conversion Kit on the bottom of the pram. Once your new-born reaches 6 months of age, you'll be able to put your eldest child back on the top and your 6 month old into the...

What is the difference between the JIVE³ Platinum and the JIVE³ Prams?

March 10, 2021 2434
In terms of size, weight and functionality they are the same pram, however, the JIVE³ Platinum Edition offers a more premium design, as well as a range of hand-selected accessories to be included as standard with your order. Each Platinum Edition Pram will include the following complimentary accessories: Pram Organiser (will match the same colour as the pram colour you've chosen) Seat Liner ( will match the same colour as the pram colour you've chosen)

Are accessories transferable between the SKIP² Stroller and JIVE³/METRO³ Prams?

March 10, 2021 139
The SKIP² Stroller accessories are unique to that design and are not compatible with the JIVE³ or METRO³ prams. The JIVE³ and METRO³ accessories are not compatible with SKIP², excluding the Cup Holder and Cup Holder Insert, which can be used on our whole range of prams and stroller.

Does the JIVE³ Platinum include accessories?

April 1, 2021 486
The JIVE³ Platinum comes with a complimentary selection of accessories to help support you on your parenting journey: Pram Organiser in matching pram colour Seat Liner in matching pram colour Car Sunshades x 2 Rain Cover Accessory Pouch Cup Holder Cup Holder Insert

Can I use my Redsbaby pram for exercise such as jogging or running?

April 9, 2021 577
Sadly, no. The Redsbaby range of prams and strollers are not designed for running with. Our prams and strollers have been designed for everyday adventures including walking through the park, around your local streets, around a shopping mall. Our prams can be pushed over grass and other uneven terrains. It can be helpful to lock the front wheels in these instances. There are specific features to look out for when buying a running pram, these include one large lockable front wheel, a handbrake,...

Should I use my capsule on my Redsbaby pram, rather than using the bassinet for my newborn?

April 9, 2021 798
We don't recommend you use a capsule as a replacement for the bassinet. Our JIVE² Platinum, JIVE² and METRO² prams come with a bassinet included, which we recommend is used when your baby will be in the pram for longer periods. The bassinet allows your baby to lie in the fully flat position during the crucial stage when their spine is still developing. The bassinet also helps ensure that your baby's neck doesn't flex forward, blocking their airway, which can occur when using a capsule for long p...

Up to what age will my child fit into the Pram / Stroller Seat?

April 9, 2021 1708
As weight varies from child to child, we always use weight as a basis for product suitability rather than age. The main seat is independently tested and certified to carry one child up to 20kgs (44 lbs). Please note, this answer relates to the main seat for all prams in the JIVE²/³, JIVE²/³ Platinum, JIVE² Limited Editions, METRO²/³, METRO² Limited Edition, JIVE, METRO, SKIP & SKIP² Redsbaby range.

Pram Comparison

July 31, 2021 356
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