How to adjust the METRO³ shoulder strap height

March 4, 2021 91

How to attach the Airflow kit on the METRO³ pram.

August 26, 2021 129

How to adjust the METRO³ shoulder and waist straps

March 4, 2021 84

How to use the telescopic handle bar on the METRO³ pram.

March 4, 2021 280

How to use the METRO³ brake

March 4, 2021 46

How to use the METRO³ extension canopy and ventilation panels

March 4, 2021 65

What is the head barrier on the METRO³ pram?

March 4, 2021 78

How to recline the METRO³ seat

March 4, 2021 126

How to change the METRO³ pram frame lock.

March 4, 2021 61

How to use the METRO³ footrest

March 4, 2021 100

How to use the METRO³ bumper bar

March 4, 2021 42

How to use the METRO³ 5 point safety harness

March 4, 2021 124

How to reverse the METRO³ seat

March 4, 2021 356

How to assemble the METRO³ seat

March 4, 2021 295

How to move from the METRO³ bassinet to the seat

March 4, 2021 345

How to use the METRO³ bassinet for overnight sleeping

March 4, 2021 723

Why does the METRO³ bassinet wobble?

August 26, 2021 242

How to use the METRO³ bassinet ventilation panels

March 4, 2021 139

Why does the METRO³ bassinet canopy click?

March 4, 2021 54

How to use the METRO³ bassinet canopy

March 4, 2021 116

How to use the METRO³ bassinet apron

March 4, 2021 112

How to attach the METRO³ bassinet.

March 4, 2021 125

How to assemble the METRO³ bassinet

March 4, 2021 241

How to assemble the METRO³ frame and wheels

March 4, 2021 112

How to fold and unfold the Metro³ Pram

March 4, 2021 234

Can the JIVE³/METRO³ bassinet be used for overnight sleeping?

March 10, 2021 384
Yes. The JIVE³/METRO³ bassinet has been tested and approved for overnight sleeping, in accordance with ASTM F2194 and CFR 1218, and when used with the Redsbaby JIVE³/METRO³ Bassinet Stand. The JIVE³/METRO³ bassinet has been designed for safe sleeping and features a firm-fitting, breathable mattress and large mesh panel at the head-end for increased airflow to provide a safe and convenient sleeping environment for your newborn. Please note, the bassinet for the JIVE², JIVE² Platinum, JIVE² ...

Can I use my JIVE³ / METRO³ bassinet for overnight sleeping without the bassinet stand?

March 10, 2021 932
We recommend that the JIVE³/METRO³ bassinet only be used with the Bassinet Stand for overnight sleeping. As there is no safety standard for bassinets in Australia, we have tested and approved our Bassinet Stand and JIVE³/METRO³ bassinet to the US standard, ASTM F2194 and CFR 1218. These standards address safety features, durability and functionality which attempts to minimize hazards and promote the safe use of bassinets. The Bassinet Stand creates a safe and comfortable sleeping environment...

How to lock the METRO³ front wheels into a straight position

March 10, 2021 109

What is the difference between the JIVE³ and the METRO³ Prams?

March 10, 2021 571
The main difference between the JIVE³ and the METRO³, is that whilst both prams can be used for one child, you can add a Second Seat to the JIVE³ to change it into a Double Pram. They also have different weights, folding mechanisms, shopping basket sizes and they come in a different range of colours. For more information, please see our handy comparison chart.

Are accessories transferable between the SKIP² Stroller and JIVE³/METRO³ Prams?

March 10, 2021 118
The SKIP² Stroller accessories are unique to that design and are not compatible with the JIVE³ or METRO³ prams. The JIVE³ and METRO³ accessories are not compatible with SKIP², excluding the Cup Holder and Cup Holder Insert, which can be used on our whole range of prams and stroller.

Does the METRO³ Pram include accessories?

March 10, 2021 374
The METRO³ comes with a complimentary selection of accessories to help support you on your parenting journey: Car Sunshades x 2 Rain Cover UPF50+ Sun & Sleep Shade (Bassinet) UPF50+ Sun & Sleep Shade (Seat) Accessory Pouch Cup Holder

Metro³ Pram Instruction Manual (Updated 2021)

March 10, 2021 361
Please download the instruction manual and guidelines for the Redsbaby Metro³ Pram in the below PDF document.

Can I use my Redsbaby pram for exercise such as jogging or running?

April 9, 2021 477
Sadly, no. The Redsbaby range of prams and strollers are not designed for running with. Our prams and strollers have been designed for everyday adventures including walking through the park, around your local streets, around a shopping mall. Our prams can be pushed over grass and other uneven terrains. It can be helpful to lock the front wheels in these instances. There are specific features to look out for when buying a running pram, these include one large lockable front wheel, a handbrake,...

Should I use my capsule on my Redsbaby pram, rather than using the bassinet for my newborn?

April 9, 2021 651
We don't recommend you use a capsule as a replacement for the bassinet. Our JIVE² Platinum, JIVE² and METRO² prams come with a bassinet included, which we recommend is used when your baby will be in the pram for longer periods. The bassinet allows your baby to lie in the fully flat position during the crucial stage when their spine is still developing. The bassinet also helps ensure that your baby's neck doesn't flex forward, blocking their airway, which can occur when using a capsule for long p...

Up to what age will my child fit into the Pram / Stroller Seat?

April 9, 2021 1412
As weight varies from child to child, we always use weight as a basis for product suitability rather than age. The main seat is independently tested and certified to carry one child up to 20kgs (44 lbs). Please note, this answer relates to the main seat for all prams in the JIVE²/³, JIVE²/³ Platinum, JIVE² Limited Editions, METRO²/³, METRO² Limited Edition, JIVE, METRO, SKIP & SKIP² Redsbaby range.

Pram Comparison

July 31, 2021 295
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