Pram envy is quite a common problem, with 33% of Australian parents admitting that they have envied someone with a better pram, according to a
survey by Canstar Blue. And with so many options around, it would be unusual if parents didn’t wish for a feature that their pram simply doesn’t have.

It’s safe to say that the term ‘pram envy’ has earned its place in pop-language.

Buying the right pram the first time around will make those first few months with your baby much easier. Finding the right fit early on also avoids the common occurrence of parents re-buying a pram months later when they realise the first pram didn’t suit their needs.

But what should you do to find the perfect pram for you and avoid all that jealousy? Here are five helpful tips to get you started on your pram journey.

1. Know your must-haves

Create a list of all the features your pram ‘must have’ to suit your family’s lifestyle and needs.

Some example questions to consider include:

  • Do you need a bassinet or second seat?
  • Should your pram have a big basket?
  • What is your budget?
  • Is value for money your biggest concern?
  • Does it need to be lightweight? Easy-to-manoeuvre?
  • Will you need an accessory in the future such as a toddler buggyboardfor when your toddler’s legs tire so easily and the pram is occupied with their sibling?

These are all things to note on your ‘must have’ list, so you can compare these features between prams.

For other items to consider, read our Ultimate Pram Guide here.

2. Think ahead

Consider the future, and whether you’d like to have a modular pram, such as the
JIVE2, that can easily convert to a double pram (JIVE2 tandem) if your family grows quickly. This ensures that you’ve future-proofed your pram from the beginning.

Or maybe adaptability is less important to you than having a product that is very lightweight, compact and agile like the
METRO2? We understand that some families prefer a stylish, fuss-free pram for their first child. Indeed, for some families the need for a double or tandem pram never arises – the older child is happy to walk when the new baby comes along.

No matter what your plans are, consider how your pram will support your family dynamics both now and in the future.

Compare our prams and their features here.

3. Do your due diligence

Read it all! We’re talking product reviews, blogs, social media, customer reviews, and anything else you can get your hands on. Seek advice from other parents, whether through a forum or stopping someone on the street to ask about their pram. The best decision is an informed decision, and the more you read and understand, the better equipped you’ll be to make the right choice for you and your family … and the less likely you’ll be to fall victim to pram envy!

However we do say that family, friend and online recommendations should always be taken with a grain of salt – the pram that suits your needs may not suit another parent’s lifestyle, so always consider your family’s needs in the context of the recommendations.In saying this, however, take a lot of anecdotal advice with a grain of salt.

A great way to alleviate any concerns as to whether a pram will suit your lifestyle is to attend a Redsbaby Demo Day. Our expert team can discuss in detail with you what pram is best for your family, based on your lifestyle, your must-haves, and your budget.

Find a Demo Day near you.

4. Build a wish list

Start to develop a shortlist of prams you think may suit your needs. Use a checkbox system for your ‘must-have’ features, and ensure the prams on your shortlist tick off all the boxes. When making your wish list, prioritise your wants and needs accordingly. Remember while a pram may only tick eight out of the ten boxes, it still may be the best fit for you.

Once you’ve created your wish list and your shortlist, you can then visit a baby show or a
Redsbaby Demo Day to see, learn about, and test the prams in person.

5. Own your decision

Once your mind is made up, own it. Be confident in your decision, and know that you’ve done the research and made an informed decision. Remember, the best way to avoid pram envy, is to be confident that the pram you picked is the right one for your family.

Choosing a pram that fits your family’s lifestyle and needs will make those first few months easier when getting out and about. Having a pram suitable for a newborn to keep baby asleep, or having a double pram that fits your two children comfortably, will help ease your daily travels. Take the time to pick a pram that slots seamlessly into your families lifestyle and will ensure many beautiful moments along the early childhood journey.