How to create the baby travel system of your choice

by | Apr 6, 2022

Getting out and about with a baby is a new experience, and with the right tools up your sleeve, it can be fun. Babies, particularly newborns, are asleep for a large part of their day. So if you want the freedom to get out and about while your baby sleeps, a travel system may be the way to go.

What is a pram travel system?

A travel system combines a pram with a car capsule, a two-in-one system that’s convenient and easy to use to transition seamlessly from car to pram and keep your baby comfortable and asleep. The rear-facing capsule comes with a base for the car seat to clip into and is easily attached to the frame of the pram using adaptors. Rather than taking the baby out of the capsule and transferring it to the pram, you lift the capsule out of the car and clip it onto the pram frame, creating a convenient travel system that makes being out and about with your new baby easier.

What are the benefits of using a pram travel system?

There are many benefits to using a travel system rather than an independent car seat and pram combination:

Pram travel systems make travelling more convenient.

A travel system provides an easy and convenient way of transferring your baby from car to pram without unbuckling or waking them. Unfold the pram, unclip the capsule from the car base, and clip it into the pram frame using the appropriate adaptors.

It provides a more comfortable journey for your baby.

Manoeuvring a baby (particularly a newborn) into their car seat can be tricky, so Redsbaby has implemented this travel system to keep your child safe and comfortable while transferring them in and out of the car.

Buying a capsule and pram bundle is cost-effective. 

A cost-effective way of using a travel system is to buy a pram and baby capsule bundle or hire a car capsule separately. Most car capsules can be used from newborn until six months of age. Then your baby can be transitioned to a forward-facing car seat. The Britax Unity NEOS capsule is longer lasting and can be used for up to 12 months. We recommend referring to your local road safety authority for child car restraint regulations.


Which car capsules are Redsbaby prams compatible with?

SKIP² Strollers and Little Wings

Britax capsules

The adaptors you receive with your Redsbaby Bassinet are also compatible with the Britax Unity NEOS™ and Unity Isofix produced in 2013. Adaptors are also available for individual sale on our website. 

Maxi-Cosi, Joie i-Gemm and Nuna Pipa capsules

We sell capsule adaptors for Maxi-Cosi (Mico, Mico AP and Citi from 2013) on our website, compatible with the Joie i-Gemm and Nuna Pipa capsules. 

How do I attach a car capsule to my Redsbaby pram?

Learn more about how to attach and remove the capsule from our prams in this instructional video:

We hope this helps you understand what a pram travel system is and how it can help support your family journey. We have a partnership with Britax, an Australian brand that has been a leader in child safety. Add your Britax Unity NEOs capsule when purchasing your Redsbaby pram to enable a complete travel system and receive 20% off your capsule.