There are several big purchases that come along with a child – the cot, the car seat, and the pram are the first three that typically spring to mind. Purchasing these important items can be difficult for new parents, especially with the wealth of information out there and the variety of brands and styles.

When it comes to prams, there are several questions that we get frequently get asked by our customers and we wanted to share our answers to help you make an informed decision.

Q: What are the pram safety standards in Australia?

A: All prams and strollers in Australia must comply with a number of safety features. And all Redsbaby prams are designed to a higher standard than required.

mandatory safety standard for prams and strollers was implemented in 2008, and provide specifications for pram features and construction. The standards were most recently reviewed in 2017, with recommendations being prepared by the ACCC for the Minister for Small Business .

The standards are there to ensure that all prams and strollers are as safe as they can possibly be for your child. The standards ensure performance testing is carried out to ensure prams, and strollers, meet requirements for impact, strength, load, durability and stability.

Features such as a five-point safety harness, head barrier, red brake and having a tether strap that connects the pram to the person controlling it, are all important mandatory features of prams and strollers in Australia and of course feature in all Redsbaby prams and strollers.

Q: What pram is right for a newborn?

A: Your pram is one of the biggest purchase decisions you will make so you want to get it right. But, there are specific requirements for
prams for newborns that you will need to consider when purchasing your pram. First, consider how you will be using it right away and then how it will be used in the future. You should also think about how you will be travelling with the pram. Will it be going in and out of the car or will you be mostly walking?

Other than the general requirements, when deciding on a pram for your newborn, there are a few other considerations to take into account:

  • Your newborn should be able to lie flat in their pram. This helps them breathe easily and assists in their lung development. It also helps with spinal development and muscle tone. This is why we recommend you opt for a bassinet-compatible pram for the first 6 months.
  • It’s nice for newborns to have eye contact with you while in the pram. This helps strengthen the bond between parent and baby, and also helps the baby feel safe and secure. Having a pram with a reversible seat, that can be parent-facing as well as forward-facing, helps build this bond.

Finally, when deciding on a pram for your newborn, you’ll need to determine whether you’ll be using it as a
travel system, with a car capsule, or whether you’ll have a separate car seat, as this may determine what kind of pram you get.

Q: What pram is right for my child’s age?

A: Babies grow. The question is, do you want your pram to grow with them? Economically, the answer is generally yes. It’s a good idea to purchase a pram that can adapt for your child’s changing needs, and for your family’s future.

For newborns, it’s helpful to buy a pram that has a bassinet, or a seat that can be reclined to a flat position. The pram also needs to be sturdy and well-structured to support the needs of a newborn, with a good suspension system. The bassinet attachment should move up and down slightly as you go over bumps – this is important as it means the bassinet is moving with the pram, rather than against it. It’s also important to decide whether you want a pram that can serve as a
travel system, so you can move a capsule in and out of the car rather than moving the baby.

As the child grows into an infant, they will become a lot more inquisitive. This is generally the time they will move into the seat. There will generally be two options when it comes to the seat – a reversible seat, where your baby can either face you or forwards, or alternatively, a seat that will only face forwards. An infant will need a pram that is roomy, yet still provides plenty of support. They will also need several reclining options, as their ability to sit up for periods of time will depend on their age.

Finally, a pram that can fit a child up to 20kg in weight will mean you can push older ones who have tired feet.

Q: What is a pram travel system?

A: A travel system is the combination of a pram and a car capsule. Basically, a two-in-one system that allows you to attach your car capsule to your pram, or stroller. A huge benefit of a travel system is the convenience of moving your baby from the car to the pram, without disturbing them.

Redsbaby prams can easily be used to create a
travel system by using special Redsbaby adaptors that affix to the pram. Our prams are compatible with a number of car capsule brands, including Maxi-Cosi, Britax, Joie and Nuna.

Q: What is the difference between a tandem and a side-by-side double pram?

A: When you have two or more children, it’s always handy to have a double pram. There are different “double pram” configurations to choose from and the one that is most suitable to you will typically depend on the age of your children. The most common configurations are a tandem pram and side-by-side pram.

Tandem Pram

Tandem prams are those where one seat is in front of the other. They are more narrow than a side-by-side pram, which means maneuvering in busy environments such as a shop or cafe, is a lot easier. Tandems also tend to fold up into a smaller, compact size, which means more space in the boot of your car. Additionally, there are multiple seating configurations, and they can generally move from a single pram to a double simply by adding another seat, just like our
Redsbaby JIVE2.


Side-by-side prams have seats next to each other. This pram is best suited for when you have two young children who require a lie-flat option, such as twins. If this is your situation, you should keep in mind that side-by-side options are quite wide, and you will need to find one that best fits through doorways. In addition, narrow aisles or shops can be tricky to maneuver through with a side by side pram.

Q: How can I tell if my pram will fit in my car?

A: This is a common question when it comes to purchasing a pram. While some people will use their pram or stroller mainly for walking, many will be putting it in and out of the car, so it’s essential that your pram fits in the boot. Having some extra space around the pram for shopping is also handy.

All Redsbaby prams, and strollers, have an easy, compact fold, meaning they can fit in even the smallest of cars. We’ve created a handy YouTube series that tests our most popular prams in a range of cars so you can see how it will fit in yours. Whether it’s a
Suzuki Swift or an Elantra Sedan, check out how the pram folds and fits in your boot.

Check out our
YouTube channel for more videos about the Redsbaby collection.

Choose the right pram for your family

Choosing a pram can be a tough decision. There are many options out there, and lots to consider. But if you do your research, and speak to the experts, the decision-making process can be much easier.

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