It’s time… you’re ready to face the world with your precious newborn. It can be nerve wracking and even a little scary but, if you’re organised, it’s much less daunting. When you pack for your first outing with your newborn, it may feel like you’re packing
for a month-long stint overseas. Don’t fear; this is very normal.
It’s better to over prepare and, if you’ve got a
pram that can fit everything in, you’re halfway there.

Unless the stars align and the world performs on cue, it’s unlikely that your first trip out with baby will be entirely smooth. If you remember this and try to stay calm, the experience will be much more enjoyable. Keep it simple and low key, and don’t do anything that puts you under pressure. An important factor to take into consideration is where your first
outing will be. You’re going to be more tense if you take your baby to a special family birthday dinner at a busy restaurant in the evening than if you simply head to your local café for a flat white and take a leisurely stroll around your neighbourhood.

saying ‘practice makes perfect’ applies to all parts of life,
and taking your newborn out of the house for those first few times is no exception. To give you a head start, here are a few suggestions on what to take with you when you make your grand entrance into the great outdoors with your newborn.

The Essentials

Whether you’re going for a quick lap of the park or a lunch date across town,
there are items you should bring with you every time. Keep these essentials in a bag that you can grab-and-go.

      • Nappies and wipes:You can never have too many nappies. Accidents happen, and sometimes they happen several times within the space of an hour. Bring

enough nappies so you’ll never have to worry about running out (and the same goes for wipes).

      • Change of clothing: There’s a high
        chance that you’re going to need to change your baby’s outfit due to spillages and accidents. Also, prepare wisely for the elements, and
        always carry an extra layer and a hat in case baby needs sun protection.
      • Plastic bags: Being able to wrap up wet or dirty clothes to protect your bag or nappies when you can’t find a rubbish bin is a convenience that can’t be underestimated.
      • Feeding gear: Your newborn will get hungry… regularly. To feed their growing body, you’ll have to stop and feed whenever they need you to. Bibs and burp cloths will safeguard you from cuddling a very messy baby.
The Pram

You will want your baby to be as comfortable as possible, and you will also want to be able to carry your nappy bag and any items you pick up throughout your day. A well designed, functional pram will satisfy both of these needs. Your pram should also be lightweight, small when folded and easy to put up and down, especially if you’re driving. Whether you’re after something refined, adaptable and modular like the JIVE, or a compact, agile and spacious pram like the METRO, finding the right pram for you and your baby is the key to a successful day out.

The Extras

If you’re running late, you should be covered if you have packed the essentials. However, as this is your first time out with your newborn, you’re likely to want to be prepared for any scenario that may come your way, so consider also packing these items:

      • Blankets: Make sure you pack a blanket for your baby and it’s worth carrying a spare, too. It’s handy to have a thicker one to keep them cosy when it gets cold, and a light summer one to keep pesky

flies away and protect your baby’s sensitive skin.

      • Disposable change mats: When your baby is ready for a nappy change but you’re not, having a disposable change mat on hand is very helpful.
      • Baby pain relief/ ointments: Have baby pain relief like Panadol or Nurofen on hand (for babies older than one month), and don’t
        forget to bring soothing gum gel, nappy rash ointment and anything else that
        your newborn may need if they are experiencing pain or discomfort.
      • Self care kit: If you’re not feeling calm, it can be even harder to help your baby stay calm, so don’t forget to consider what you’ll need. Pack yourself snacks, a magazine or book (in case you get stuck out and about when baby falls asleep), water, sun protection and anything else you like to have with you when you’re out and about for a while.

Getting out with a newborn can seem like a big undertaking, especially if you’re heading out alone, but staying connected with the outside world is worth the effort. Remember to be easy on yourself and to ‘roll with the punches’; soon enough you’ll develop a streamlined routine that will save you from cabin fever and help you develop precious memories with your new baby.

Enjoy your first outing!

RB Team xx