Wonderful service, combined with complete confidence in our products, is our promise to you. We talk to Sunelle, Customer Care Manager, about the importance of customer care to Redsbaby, and what Our Promise means.

Q. How long have you been at Redsbaby?

I started at Redsbaby in February 2017, having only immigrated to
Australia, from South Africa, in December the year before. I have 12-15 years of customer care
experience, managing teams and working for online businesses. I feel very lucky
to have this opportunity to work for an Australian company, and for genuine
people like Brett and Meagan, the Redsbaby founders.

Q. Tell us a bit about your
role and what you do at Redsbaby.

I’m the Customer Care Manager, and I get to work with the great bunch of
people that form the Redsbaby Customer Care Team.

Because we sell online only, it’s a very unique type of customer care,
where you rarely get to meet your customers face-to-face. The main part of our day involves making sure
customers who are interested in our products get the information they need. We
continue to support customers who have already purchased our product, answering
any questions, as well as continuing to support them down the road if they want
to change or adapt their pram when their family grows.

Q. Why is customer care
important to Redsbaby?

At Redsbaby, Customer Care is very much part of the buying process, and
part of my role is to help the team manage customer responses, making sure we get
back to all our customers on-time and ensuring customer needs are met.

I think it comes down to the people who made this company work. If you
get to know the founders of Redsbaby, you understand why they believe customer
care is so important. They are incredibly empathetic people, they very much
love their products, and it’s important to them that the products (that they
use for themselves) also bring as much joy to their customers. I think that’s
where the importance of customer care started at Redsbaby – the way we want to
be treated as customers ourselves. It’s something we take very personally and
we’re very committed to it. That’s why
we established ‘Our Promise.’

Q. What does Our Promise mean?

It comes down to our commitment to customer care, in an all-round way. We asked ourselves, “What are the different ways we can support our customers, before they make a purchase, during, and after they make a purchase?”

That’s where Our Promise comes from, it’s made up of four key pillars that the whole Redsbaby Team are committed to; wonderful customer care, giving customers time to reflect, complete confidence in our products and providing continual support.

Q. Why do Redsbaby have a

From the start, it was very important to the Redsbaby founders, that customers
know we are here to support them at every stage. Even if they haven’t bought
our products yet, we want them to know they can contact us and ask any
questions they may have. Then, after a customer has purchased, we want them to
know that they can still contact us at any point.

One of the things we have included in our promise, is a six-month
support call. Customers can opt-in for a
call after their purchase, and we will phone them in six months’ time to
check-in, and see how they’re going with their Redsbaby pram.

Q. Why do you offer a 30 Day

When a customer is in the research phase of looking for a pram, it’s a
lot to take in. Maybe they can’t make it to a Demo Day or Baby Show to see the
pram, and being an online-only business, we understand it’s a big decision. So,
we want to give customers the opportunity to take the time to decide if it’s
the right pram for their family, while trialling it in their own home.

It’s an opportunity to show our customers once again, that we support
them, and that we’re so sure of our product, that we’re happy to offer a
no-obligation 30 day “time to reflect” period.

Q. Why did you extend the
warranty period?

Prams are used every day with
your family, and even though our prams are designed to withstand the ins and
outs, we care about our customers and want to provide a warranty that gives
customers confidence to be able to reach out to us. We want to make sure that your
Redsbaby pram grows with your family, and stays in the condition that we expect
it to stay in.

Q. What do you like most,
working at Redsbaby?

I like the fact, that whatever skills I have, there’s always the
opportunity for me to use them in a productive way. There’s always an
opportunity for me to have an opinion, and to be able to action things that I
think will help the company grow and to make things better.

It’s also great that I get to work with people that I genuinely enjoy
being around!

Q. How big is the Customer
Care team?

At the moment, we have six specialists, plus casual staff that work at
our Demo Days and Baby Shows (who are all Redsbaby parents!).

As well as being based in the Redsbaby head office in Sydney, we also have the opportunity
to work at our Demo Days and Baby Shows, which is a great way to meet our
customers face-to-face. (It’s nice to see all the pregnant mummies too!) Sometimes
our customers will recognise us at a Demo Day just from speaking to us the week
before over the phone! We feel like we play a little part in customers growing
their family, and we really appreciate it. We’re genuine about our products so
if we say we’re excited, we really are.

Q. How many customer enquiries
do you get per day?

On a busy day we receive 150-200 emails, plus numerous live chat
queries, phone calls and messages via social media.

Q. What’s the most common

At the moment, it’s “What are the changes to the new 2018 Collection?”

Q. What’s the nicest comment
you’ve received from a customer?

We appreciate reviews and genuine word-of-mouth recommendations our
customers give to help other families make their decision, but there’s another
really nice little thing that some customers do. They write a note in the
comment section of their order, and tell us how excited they are about
receiving their pram, and also to say thank you. I share these little comments
with the team so we are all reminded why we do what we do, and how much our
customers appreciate us.

We’ve even had on occasion, a customer sent us a big box of chocolates
unexpectedly, with a kind thank you note. That note still has a place of honour
on our notice board! So, it’s just the little things like that, that are really

Important note: ‘Our Promise’ applies to Redsbaby 2018 Collection purchased from 1st November 2017 only.