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Newborn & Baby (0 - 18 months)

Brooke's journey: A mother's story of navigating the challenges of having a premature newborn

As part of the yearly Miracle Moon Walk to raise funds for Miracle Babies Foundation, we‘re sharing the personal story of one of our team, Brooke Prowse, and her journey with having her baby daughter born at 32 weeks.

Brooke's experience with a premature newborn was challenging and emotional.

It began with a diagnosis of pre-eclampsia at 28 weeks of pregnancy, which led to her hospitalisation two weeks later to prevent premature labour. Although Brooke already had most of the necessary baby items to welcome her bundle of joy, she was not prepared for the possibility of having a premature baby.

The staff at Westmead Hospital (Sydney) helped inform Brooke and her family about what to expect if her baby arrived early. "The staff took us on a tour of the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and provided us with information about the Miracle Babies Foundation, an organization that supports families with premature or sick newborns," explains Brooke. Reading about other parents' stories and their experiences with premature birth was reassuring and scary for Brooke as she prepared for what might lie ahead. Despite the hospital staff’s best efforts, Brooke went into premature labour at 30 weeks, and her daughter Rosie was born at 32 weeks, weighing just 1.27 kg.

Brooke's experience with the hospital and medical staff who cared for Rosie was a mix of emotions. While the nurses and doctors were incredibly supportive and knowledgeable, the emergency nature of the birth and the fragility of Rosie's health left Brooke feeling overwhelmed and worried. She could not hold Rosie for the first seven days of her life, and adjusting to the complex medical procedures and decisions involved in caring for a premature baby was challenging.

Brooke's emotional and physical stress was compounded as she needed emergency surgery just days after giving birth.

She was separated from Rosie and unable to care for her, which added difficulty to an already trying situation. Brooke and her family relied heavily on the medical staff and their families support during this time, and they are incredibly grateful for the care they received.

Over time, Brooke's relationship with Rosie evolved as they both grew stronger. At first, holding and caring for her felt like a scary experience, but as Rosie progressed from NICU to special care, Brooke started to feel more comfortable with the routine. She could hold Rosie daily for short periods and perform some of her care procedures. The moment Rosie moved out of the incubator and into an open cot was a significant milestone for Brooke, as she felt that bonding and closeness with her daughter she longed for. Throughout her experience, Brooke received support from her friends, family, and medical professionals, which she says was essential to her and her family's coping ability. While it was challenging Brooke feels grateful for the care she and Rosie received and the strength she found within herself.

The Miracle Babies Foundation has played a crucial role in supporting families like Brooke during their journey through neonatal care. With the Foundation's help, Brooke and her family could access the vital resources, information, and emotional support needed to navigate this challenging time.

Thanks to the dedicated work of the Miracle Babies Foundation, thousands of families across Australia have been able to receive the support and care they need to give their babies the best possible start in life.

By supporting this incredible organization, we can all help to ensure that more families have access to the resources and support they need to thrive during their journey through neonatal care.

Redsbaby proudly supports the Miracle Babies Foundation's mission to give every baby the best possible start and help families through their challenging journey toward a happy and healthy future.

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