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The inception of the ONIX Pram - the latest innovation from Redsbaby

We're thrilled to introduce our latest Redsbaby family member: the ONIX pram, for every adventure.

Come on a journey with Co-Founder and Managing Director Meagan to discover the ONIX. This project began with a simple yet powerful drive – to revolutionise the single pram experience for modern families, with a fresh update to replace the beloved METRO Pram, which has been loved by parents for years.

Step behind the scenes and discover the story behind the innovation of the ONIX, which contains all the thoughtful design elements that have become synonymous with Redsbaby products; from the sleek chassis lines and intuitively designed one-hand, one-second fold mechanism, to the single-handed functionality and smart features for all seasons. The ONIX embodies the essence of comfort for parent and child, ease and convenience.

Introducing the ONIX Pram

One second to fold, one hand to hold.

All-terrain wheels with four wheel suspension.

All adjustments can be made single-handedly.

Optional ventilation panels.

Spacious 10kg basket.

Features to love

Our most innovative full-sized, single pram yet

Suitable from newborns up to 4 years old, the ONIX can be used with it's compatible bassinet, newborn pod or baby capsule, and boasts a 22kg capacity seat, perfect for taller toddlers.

The best fold ever

Folding in one second, with one hand with the seat both world and parent facing. ONIX folds into an upright position, and weighs only 11.4kg making it easy to pick up without needing to bend over, and lightweight to lift and store.

Built for all climates

The ONIX Pram has optional mesh panels in the canopy, seat-back and bassinet allowing for additional air-flow to your child in the warmer months. In the cooler weather, replace the complementary seat pad and close the canopy panels to provide extra warmth and insulation. Additional accessories include a rain cover, and sheepskin seat liner for added coziness.

One-handed adjustments

All adjustments and functions can be done single handedly including adjusting the handlebar, canopy, recline, and footrest. This ensures comfort for both parent and child, as all adjustments can be made quickly and effortlessly. This is particularly helpful if your child is close, or already asleep - you can smoothly recline the seat, raise the footrest and pop open the extension canopy without disturbing them, all while holding your coffee in the other hand.

UPF50+ extension canopy

All Redsbaby pram canopies are rated UPF50+, blocking 98% of UV rays. For additional protection, add the optional UPF50+ sunshade which extends from the canopy down to the footrest, protecting your baby's entire body from the sun.

All terrain wheels

Large wheels with four-wheel suspension for a steady, comfortable ride for your child on any terrain, and superior maneuverability, which is ideal for city adventures. The ONIX Pram also features an optional front wheel lock, which can be engaged on rough ground to keep you on track.

A spacious 10kg basket

A large, open basket for easy access boasting 10kg capacity, to fit all your essentials.

Built for comfort

With a contoured and padded harness, a reversible seat for parent or world facing adventures, three recline positions including fully upright, flat and in-between, and an adjustable footrest, you can customise your child's position to ensure their comfort.

Tell us about the material choices and detailing on the ONIX?

Our philosophy is that style and functionality should be equal partners in design. By integrating thoughtful detailing, material textures, considered forms, and colors, we create stylish products that are as beautiful as they are functional. The ONIX is no exception.

With each interaction with the product, we introduce tactile and visual elements designed to enhance the experience and exceed customer expectations. From the metal logos to the material colors and weaves, the soft peachskin linings and embroidered logos to the frame color and finish, every choice is made with the goal of perfection in mind. Functionality, such as placement and materials selection for the mesh panels, ensures it is fit for purpose while balancing aesthetics and comfort.

With every range, we introduce one new color that makes the pram stand out, alongside neutral options, some of which are exclusive. The Graphite is the hero color of the ONIX, while the sleek Opal Grey offers a beautiful purple hue with grey undertones.

We are committed to creating the best in baby products and experiences. That’s why our products are purpose-driven and enhance the parent experience, in both function and aesthetics.

Being an Australian brand, how have you considered our climate and lifestyle?

One of the biggest considerations was how to provide comfort for your child throughout the warm weather that comes with our Australian environment and lifestyle. Especially having gone through this as a parent of two children myself!

The best way to solve this? Large mesh panels throughout the canopy and seat for breathability. But, just as importantly, mesh panels that can be covered when you don’t need them when the weather is cooler.

The ONIX features a unique extra-large, mesh seat back to provide ultimate comfort for your baby, with a soft seat pad being included for cooler or windy days when you want the mesh covered. The canopy is one of our largest yet and features a large mesh panel that can be opened or closed when the canopy is extended or not. This means on really sunny days your baby isn’t being exposed to the sun (or light) through a mesh window that can’t be closed without closing the extension canopy (a unique feature on Redsbaby prams).

What are some of your 'can't live without' features?

The ONIX offers unparalleled ease of use.

Core to this is its single-handed functionality across the functions you’ll be using the most. This is a game-changer when you’re on the move!

First up is the unique and market-leading fold. The ONIX folds with one hand in one second; and to top it off, it has a carry handle, so you don’t need to bend down. You can also recline the seat, adjust the telescopic handle height, and the footrest with one hand.

All I can say is: You don’t know how helpful each of these is until you’ve had a pram that doesn’t have it! If you’re using the optional bassinet, you can also release this on each side with one hand and lift with ease using the carry handle.

I would say lastly it is about having all the ‘basics’ but designed in a considered way: A large 10kg basket that is easy to access while holding everything in. All-terrain wheels with four-wheel suspension to take you wherever you need to go and wrapped up in a beautiful design that makes you feel stylish… our Redsbaby signature style shines through in every detail in the ONIX.

What do you look for in a shoot location?

We’re a proudly Australian brand and always strive to embrace elements of our Australian roots in our photography. We chose to shoot at the National Herbarium of New South Wales in Mount Annan, with its long-stretching stone architecture surrounded by Australian bushland and flora.

Core to the ONIX Pram is that it is ‘for every adventure’. The location offered ample opportunity to showcase the pram’s functionality and suitability to various terrains (grass, gravel, smooth surfaces) in a contemporary and striking backdrop.

Ultimately, this location was selected to capture the essence of parenting and to showcase how the ONIX seamlessly integrates into your parenting journey. Every parent can see themselves in this environment with their family.

Which is your favourite colour in the new ONIX range?

This is easy: the Graphite. I think this will be a really popularoption for parents wanting a darker color, however not black. The ONIX is also available in our Platinum black – perfect for the customer that wants an all-black finish. I’m also looking forward to seeing the reaction to the Opal Grey – while still in alignment with our understated aesthetic, it’s a unique color.

We are excited to present the new ONIX Pram

An innovative, and considered full-sized pram option, made for every adventure.

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Explore ONIX