CONNECT Plus Carrier

CONNECT Plus Specs

Considered colours


What's in the box


Your CONNECT Plus will be shipped in one (1) carton/box

Box 1 (carrier)

Box weight: 1.6kg
Box dimensions: 335 x 185 x 155mm


CONNECT Plus carrier
Thermal layer
Removable shoulder padding
Carry bag


Weight limits

3.2kg - 20kg

Approximate ages

Newborn to 36 months (3 years)

Suitable for newborns

Yes (with newborn configuration)

Colours available


Compliance standard

Designed to comply with the safety requirements of
ASTM F2236-16a
(US Standard)


24+12 Months (total 36 months)

Machine Washable


Construction Materials

100% Polyester

Care Instructions

Cold hand wash with gentle detergent
Do not bleach or soak
Do not spot clean
Do not rub or wring
Do not tumble dry or iron
Do not dry clean
Do not dry under direct sunlight
Do not use detergents with brighteners or whiteners

Questions about the CONNECT Plus

All babies grow at different rates. Rather than ages, we refer to weights to guide the correct usage of the carriers and use ages for an approximate guide only.

The CONNECT Plus Carrier can be used for babies between 3.2kg to 20kg.

Please ensure you follow the regular maintenance and care instructions to keep your Redsbaby carrier in optimum condition:

Cold hand wash with gentle detergent
Do not bleach or soak
Do not spot clean
Do not rub or wring
Do not tumble dry or iron
Do not dry under direct sunlight
Do not use detergents with brighteners or whiteners

For full instructions, follow the care label details provided on each product.

We have included a range of videos on our Videos page. These include how to use the CONNECT Plus Carrier and its accessories.

More videos can be viewed on our Support Center.

Our products are built to last and come with a 36 Month Warranty.

Our CONNECT Plus, CONNECT and CONNECT Wrap Carriers all come with a standard 24 Month Warranty with an additional 12-month warranty provided when you register your pram online within 60 days of receiving it.

Yes. The CONNECT Plus Carrier offers four comfortable positions, front and back carry options, with adjustable leg positions to grow with your child. The back-carry position is suitable for 9kg - 20kg babies.

Yes. As a market first, the CONNECT Pockets featured on the CONNECT and CONNECT Plus Carriers allow you to cradle your baby directly with your hands. This intimate connection deepens your bond with your baby as you nurture them with direct skin-to-skin contact.

Your baby will also be held directly to your body within the carrier, providing further bonding, connection and benefits.

Yes. Designed in Australia for our diverse climate, the CONNECT and CONNECT Plus Carriers feature market-first innovations that provide comfort for all temperatures in one carrier, including:

* Tri-layer design - seamlessly convert between three layers (windbreaker, Thermal Layer and mesh) within moments (Thermal Layer included with the CONNECT Plus).
* Perforated neoprene shoulder straps - remove unnecessary padding and bulk, delivering ventilated comfort.
* Honeycomb technology - perforated padding featuring an innovative rippled surface, our proprietary Honeycomb technology provides channels for optimum airflow.
* Removable Shoulder Padding (included with the CONNECT Plus Carrier) - removable shoulder padding is there for extra support as your child grows and only when you need it.

Without safety or compliance requirements for baby carriers sold in Australia and as part of our commitment to provide our community with only the best in baby products, our CONNECT Carriers comply with the international baby carrier standard. (ASTM F2236-16a).

We strive to use resources and make decisions that safeguard our planet for future generations.

That is why our CONNECT Collection of carriers proudly use packaging that is 100% plastic-free, making it fully recyclable and biodegradable.

Highest rated by Australian parents with a 4.8/5 rating and over 240+ 5-star reviews

CONNECT Plus Carrier

Wherever your journey takes you


For close connection

Price (from)
Price (from)
Included accessories
Included accessories
Over $70 of included accessories:Removable Shoulder Padding
Plush Microber Thermal Layer
Carry Bag
Weight Limits
Weight Limits
3.2kg - 20kg
3.2kg – 11kg
Age Limits
Age Limits
Newborn to approx. 36 months (3 years)
Newborn to approx. 12 months (1 year)
Suitable for newborns
Suitable for newborns
With newborn configuration
Carry Positions
Carry Positions
4 Carry Positions:Newborn Inward Facing with newborn configuration (min 3.2kg - max 7kg)
Inward Facing (min 7kg - max 20kg)
Outward Facing (min 7kg - max 20kg)
Back Carry (min 9kg - max 20kg)
1 Carry Position:Inward Facing
Hip dysplasia friendly (positions in ‘M’ position)
Hip dysplasia friendly (positions in ‘M’ position)
Endorsed by Healthy Hips Australia
Colours available
Colours available



Feature Snapshot

Four comfortable configurations
Front and back carry
Ergonomic design
Adjustable leg positions
Easy-adjust shoulder straps
Six-way buckle system
Integrated windbreaker layer
Promotes healthy hip development
Magnetic back buckle for easy connection
Perforated and padded lumbar support
Ergonomic buckle system
Perforated shoulder straps
Removable shoulder padding (included)
Connect hand pockets
Extendable head-shade
Storage pockets
Thermal layer (included)

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