Behind the AERON Pram

Come behind the scenes and discover the captivating story behind the AERON Pram’s innovation. From the sleek lines of the chassis to the intuitively designed fold mechanism, the AERON Pram is a celebration of modern parenting.

We asked Meagan, Co-Founder and Managing Director, and Anna, Lead Industrial Designer about the innovation of the AERON.

What was the inspiration behind the new AERON Pram?

What was the inspiration behind the new AERON Pram?

Meagan: Like all product development at Redsbaby, we began with our customers and asked what they wanted. As our cities and suburban neighbourhoods become more densely populated, with apartments, houses, and townhouses, it was no surprise that there was a large group of Australian parents and parents-to-be who wanted an urban, lightweight pram that can fold up easily, be light to carry around, not take up too much space, and be easy to steer. From that was born the idea of the AERON Pram.

Photo by Isa Sanchez

What makes the AERON unique?

Anna: The fold! This is what is SO exciting about this product and a game-changer. Our designers have little ones of their own, and we know how important an easy fold is (and for parents-to-be, it's the one thing you don't know you need until you need it!). You could leave it in your hallway, and it wouldn't get in the way. And then I'd say the breathable mesh seat back; it's really practical, especially coming into summer.

Story - AERON Pram

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Tell us about the shoot location, the city backdrop, and what inspired you to choose this?

Anna: Meagan and I can't take the credit; this is really the work of our amazing and creative Marketing Team! The location needed to represent city life and exploring urban neighbourhoods. The excitement and anticipation of being able to go anywhere and really make every day extraordinary. It has a really global feel like you could be anywhere in the world.

Lastly, show us your true colours... Share what your favourite AERON colour is?

Meagan: I like to be slightly different, so for those that know me, it is the clay for me. Also has a great Australian feel to it which I love.

Anna: I'm from Melbourne, so I'll always choose Platinum Black, which I know is stereotypical but true for me. If you asked me which I think will be the most popular, I think the Taupe is going to be up there.

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